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Plugging a Leak
Plugging a Leak.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Institute
Given ByJustin Ayo
Reward1,000 bottle caps
Liam's glasses
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Base ID000a8257
Related quests
Mankind - Redefined
leads to:

Plugging a Leak is a quest that can be obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


Even the Institute is not free from internal strife and drama, with the Sole Survivor being brought in to discretely investigate one of its scientists.


  1. After completing Mankind-Redefined, and so long as the Sole Survivor has not finished The Railroad quest Tradecraft, Justin Ayo in the Synth Retention Bureau will hire the Sole Survivor's expertise in investigating one of his fellow scientists, by the name of Alan Binet.
  2. The allegation is that Alan is helping synths to escape the Institute, requiring for the Sole Survivor to travel to the robotics laboratory, and access one of its terminals for further information on the scientist.
  3. With new information at hand, the next step sees to the Sole Survivor paying Alan's personal quarters a visit, where his son Liam and "personal synth" Eve, who plays a role of Alan's wife, are also presiding within. The terminal in here gives further clues, which leads the Sole Survivor to a terminal in the SRB itself, which then leads to a terminal in a maintenance closet.
  4. In this maintenance area there is yet another terminal, where Eve will not be happy should they catch the Sole Survivor accessing it, either requiring a Persuasion check to get past her, or outright killing her.


  1. With all of the relevant information in hand, it becomes painfully obvious that Liam Binet is the one behind the escaped synths, and must be confronted. At this point, the Sole Survivor is presented with two solutions to the issue at hand:
    1. Ignore Liam's plea, and report the findings directly to Dr. Ayo, who will reward the Sole Survivor with 1,000 bottlecaps for their efforts.
    2. Agree to help Liam, in which the Sole Survivor will need to frame Ayo for what the Binet family has done. Ayo's terminal in his personal quarters will need to be accessed, and the personal guard on it disabled, in which the framing will now be considered a success.
  2. Return to Liam, in which he will award the Sole Survivor with his glasses, and will then continue his work on freeing further synths.

Quest stages

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