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The Pitt broadcast is a radio station run by the Pitt raiders of The Pitt and broadcast from the downtown area. The radio station plays motivational excerpts by Ishmael Ashur, presumably to keep the morale of the slaves high.

If the Lone Wanderer completes Free Labor in Wernher's favor, the station is reduced to static and white noise.


The motivational speeches will be played at random in a loop on the station, interrupted by 5–10 seconds of static.

  • "To work for the good of ones fellow man is a blessing. Through labor, we shall all thrive."
  • "Let the ruling classes of the wasteland tremble at our new industrial revolution!"
  • "From nothing, I have brought to you this settlement. From chaos, The Pitt thrives. We all work to make it thrive further!"
  • "Nothing is impossible through the sweat of our brow."
  • "Outside The Pitt, the world lies in ruins and survivors scratch in the dirt without dreams. But in The Pitt, we can live and rebuild with purpose!"
  • "Great deeds require great work; we are rebuilding a glorious city and restoring the world. We must all work for this greatness."
  • "You build the weapons to arm the soldiers; soldiers use the weapons to keep you safe and bring back food. We depend on each other!"
  • "What is genuine is proved in the fire; what is false, we shall not miss in our ranks. Remember this well, my friends."
  • "Work is what separates man from beast. It is how we change our world. It raises us above the trogs. Work is what makes us human!"
  • "Let no man call you slaves, nor any man call themselves your owners. We are all workers; whether it be in The Mills, the alleys, or the war zones!"
  • "A reminder: work is rewarded; sloth is punished. Such is the way we thrive in this hellish place."
  • "We all work; some in the Mill, making weapons, some in the alleys, defending the city, some in the wasteslandQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png, raiding for our food, but we all work."
  • "The world turned against man because we were lazy and wasteful. Now we must earn out home once again through work!"
  • "You are not collared beasts of burden; you are proud workers, building a home in the world. Work shall set us all free!"

Behind the scenes

  • The line "work shall set us all free" is most likely a reference to Nazi Germany, where, on the gates of the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz it read "Arbeit macht frei" translating literally into "work makes you free."


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png After completing Free Labor, the radio station will remain active.