Pipe pistol (Fallout Shelter)

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For an overview of pipe pistols in the Fallout universe, see Pipe pistol.
Pipe pistol
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Pipe pistol is a weapon in Fallout Shelter.


A simple pipe gun. Crude, but functional.

List of variants

Variant name Rarity Value Damage Description
Pipe pistol Common 10 1-3 Crude but functional favorite of the Wasteland Raider.
Hair trigger pipe pistol Common 10 2-5 Might not hit hard, but it sure hits fast.
Heavy pipe pistol Common 10 3-7 The bigger the pipe, the harder the fall.
Scoped pipe pistol Rare 50 4-9 Can a pistol this crude really be called accurate? It can now!
Auto pipe pistol Rare 50 5-11 Spray and pray! You might even hit something.
Little Brother Legendary 100 6-13 Like the name implies, it's more annoying than dangerous.


  • Crafted at the weapon factory.