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For an overview of all Pip-Boy models, see Pip-Boy.
Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI
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The Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI is the user interface in Fallout 76. It is a more advanced make of the Pip-Boy 2000, the electronic Personal Information Processor (PIP) manufactured by RobCo Industries in the mid-21st century, and acts as the player's HUD in the game.


A developmental version of the Pip-Boy 2000, mounted on the forearm and representing a step forward in the development of more ergonomic versions of RobCo's flagship personal computing product. The Mark VI was given to the Residents of Vault 76 who would repopulate Appalachia 25 years after the Great War. Unlike previous versions of the Pip-Boy 2000, the Mark VI is without a real-time mapping feature.[1] But makes up for the lack of mapping with additional features that would be common in future Pip-Boy models like user status tracking, an FM radio upgrade module,[2] Geiger Counter, an advanced compass that could display notable locations and nearby persons and creatures, lighting functionality for dark areas, and inventory management.


The 2000 can be modified with a variety of paints, purchased through the Atomic Shop.

Name Image Description
American Flag
Blue Roadster Paint Embrace the fact that you have the power of a car strapped to your wrist, with this sweet Blue Roadster Paint for your Pip-Boy.
Black Paint Simple and distinctive, this Black Paint will give your Pip-Boy a sleek, stealthy style.
Construction Safety Paint Be prepared for all workplace accidents with this Constuction Safty Paint.
Enclave Paint Support the real American Government with this Enclave Paint for your Pip-Boy.
Grey Paint Going for something a bit more... understated? Try this Grey Paint for your trusty Pip-Boy.
Hot Rodder Paint Show off your Wasteland travels with the Hot Rodder Pip-Boy Paint!
Hunter Safety Paint Be noticed from afar with this Hunter Safety Paint! Not guaranteed to prevent strangers from shooting you.
Mothman Paint
Pink Corvega Paint The days of automobile giant Chryslus may be over, but this Pink Corvega Paint for your Pip-Boy is a great reminder.
Red Rocket Paint Fuel-up your Pip-Boy with this beautiful Red Rocket Paint.
Dough-Boy Paint Embrace your love of Slocum's Joe with the Slocum's Joe Dough-Boy Pip-Boy Paint!
Sugar Bombs Paint Give your Pip-Boy a sugar rush with this branded Sugar Bombs Paint.
Well-Traveled Paint Show off your Wasteland travels with the Well-Traveled Paint!
Vault-Tec Paint Your friends at Vault-Tec have their own Paint for Pip-Boys and now it can be yours!
Vault-Tec U. Paint Show your support for VTU with this Vault-Tec U. Paint. Go Wendigos!
Wavy Willard's Paint


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  1. In-game, no local maps and the use of the Vault-Tec Appalachia paper map.
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