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Pioneer Scouts
F76 Pioneer Scouts.png
TypeScouting organization
LeadershipMarshall Edmund King
StructureDecentralized, troop-based
Notable MembersScout Leader Jaggy
Scout Leader Pompy
Scout Leader Treadly
Scout Leader Penny
HeadquartersPioneer Scout Camp
Notable LocationsPioneer Scout Lookout
Camp Adams
Dolly Sods Wilderness
Relations and associations
Child EntitiesTadpole Scouts
Possum Scouts

Ever Upwards!

Pioneer Scouts were an American scouting organization before the Great War.


Survival, Teamwork, and Research, Discovery and Innovation. These three principles were the foundation of the Pioneer Scouts, reflecting the spirit of exploration during the founding, exploration and expansion of the United States. The Scouts were inspired to Thomas Jefferson and Merriweather Lewis. Together they created a plan and a team to explore a vast, unknown continent where the fastest thing in the world was a horse, confronting this daunting challenge with courage, methodical planning, innovation and a crew of seasoned veterans and natives. Although what took them two years the American people could do in less than hour in the 21st century, the Scouts acknowledged it was made possible by the spirit and innovation embodied in these explorers: Step by step, innovation overcoming challenge, building the United States up from the ground. Each generation of Scouts were expected to push Ever Upwards towards a future of boundless possibility.[1]

Although the Scouts were active nationwide, perhaps the most peculiar chapter was the Appalachian ones. As Scouts were the embodiment of exploration, including social, Marshall Cassidy of the Appalachian branch were expected to embrace their robotic associates as fellow sentient beings.[2] This followed tentative addition of Protectrons as Scout Guides (honorary members), and one of them saving Lead Scout Ricky Stevens, gravely injured by a bear. Guide Pompy intervened and was promptly elected in April 2077 by popular vote from other Appalachian Scouts.[3] The move was also dictated by the fact that most of the non-robot staff was involved in one form or another with the anti-automation protests across Appalachia.[4]


The Scouts were headed on a national level by the Marshall of the Pioneer Scouts of America, Edmund King in 2077.[1] Scout chapters were led by local Marshalls (Cassidy in Appalachia), who in turn relied on Lead Scouts elected by popular vote to handle affairs.[2]

Scouts largely depended on fundraising to generate the money necessary for their ambitious projects. The Scoutbook generally recommended projects that could involve the community in some way. Bake sales, running competitions, restoration and cleaning projects, innovation faires, and intramural competitions were common means of interacting with the community, forging a closer bond and sense of commitment. Adults were supposed to supervise and approve these initiatives, while Scouts were reminded to be non-intrusive, bring the community closer to the natural environment, share their skills (like CPR and survival), and of course, were not allowed to sell pharmaceuticals, surplus commercial products, protection services, or to engage in criminal activity of any kind.[5]

Interestingly, Pioneer Scouts had a rather robust offer of training in handling firearms, food preservation, and other skills useful in the event of catastrophic nuclear war.[6] The training greatly expanded in the months leading up to the Great War, as the international situation deteriorated, with Scouts routinely reminded that they should only carry weapons that are 10% of their weight, to avoid adversely affecting their developing muscles, remind parents to use VATS while shooting if they are too inebriated, and 'shoot first, wonder why later (preferably in the head). The call "Ammo, Camo, or Cramo" was also a traditional request among their hunting teams, to maximize their ability to contribute.[7]

Despite the rather militant attitude of the Scouts, the organization has ran numerous Wildlife Conservation programs. The latest in West Virginia, "Care about our Bears!", has been a great success, as the Scouts introduced four full grown breeding pairs of bears to the wilderness areas. While that wasn't enough to produce a fully genetically diverse population, the Scouts hoped to bring in several more breeding pairs in the near future. Whether it was genuine concern or merely creating a target-rich environment for hunting was unclear.[7]


The Pioneer Scouts have different badges that need to be completed in order to earn Tadpole and Possum badges, which can then be used to buy special items and modifications at their respective vending machines. Each challenge will give a the player one badge corresponding to which quest they did. The challenges are split up into two categories, Tadpole and Possum.


The Pioneer Scouts mainly relied upon traditional “pioneer” items for survival. This includes weapons like the Crossbow, Black powder rifle, and the Bowie knife. The Pioneer Scouts relied on survival training as well as education, and as such have numerous survival-themed items as well as natural education. This extends into how the group has the only player-available backpack in the game. Oddly enough, the group also has a field in technology, mainly in the form of coding.[8]

Behind the scenes

  • Several cut entries suggests the Pioneer Scouts were originally called Tomahawk Scouts:

Welcome, Tomahawk Scout, to the exciting world of Orienteering. Earn your Orienteering Activity Badge by testing your navigation skills in a race for the fastest course completion time! Pick up a Control Card here, quickly find all active Control Points in the course and punch your card at each one.

Come back each week for a new course, and a chance to earn a new badge!

Disclaimer: Tomahawk Scouts of America is not responsible for loss of life and/or limb due to any dangers faced on the trail including, but not limited to: falling rocks, hunting mishap, bear attack, falling from great heights, mudslides, starvation, or hypothermia. In the event of emergency, please refer to your Tomahawk Scout Handbook.

Do you wish to claim your Control Card and begin your course run?



Pioneer Scouts appears in Fallout 76.


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