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Pillars of the Community
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LeadershipBrother Thomas
HeadquartersCharles View amphitheater
Notable LocationsCharles View amphitheater
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesEmogene Takes a Lover

The Pillars of the Community is a cult based within the Charles View amphitheater in the Commonwealth.


The Pillars of the Community are a cult disguised as a enlightenment movement, and as of the time that the Sole Survivor encounters them, are found based within the Charles View amphitheater. Its leader, who varies between consoles, claims to have discovered a way to transcend to a life similar to what existed in the pre-War Commonwealth, and has managed to gather a small flock of followers. However, these teachings are little more than a long-con, as all initiates must detach themselves from their material possessions, in which the cult's leaders conveniently gain ownership.[1] Should the cult be challenged during the initiation process, the leader becomes open about his con, and will then become hostile towards the Sole Survivor, also causing for the other initiates to become hostile.[2]

Interactions with the player character

Upon approach the amphitheater, the leader will approach the Sole Survivor, and will offer them a place within their family, giving a few basic details before leading them into a private office. In his office, the leader will reveal that the first step to finding enlightenment, is to give all of their material possessions to him, in which the Sole Survivor is given the option to decline or accept.

Should the Sole Survivor question this first step to enlightenment, the leader will drop all pretenses, and will demand their belongings, in which denying him further will result in the entire cult becoming hostile. Alternatively, should he be denied, a Speech challenge can be passed in order to leave amicably.

Emogene Takes a Lover

The Pillars of the Community are a part of the quest Emogene Takes a Lover, in which the Sole Survivor is told by Magnolia, at The Third Rail, that Emogene Cabot has gone to join the Pillars. Depending on how the Sole Survivor handles the situation, Emogene can either be found by lockpicking the door inside of the private office, or the key can be taken from the leader's corpse after dealing with him and the rest of the cult. Outside of brutally murdering the entire cult, or sneaking Emogene out, the Sole Survivor also has the option to complete this quest by passing a high Charisma check, and convincing the leader that Emogene is not worth the trouble, in which he will then give the Sole Survivor the door's key.


Should the leader be killed before Emogene is rescued, as well as the other cultists, the leader will respawn, although the cultists will remain dead.


The Pillars of the Community appears only in Fallout 4.


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    The Pillars of the Community is a new movement based in the Charles View Amphitheater. Its leader claims to have discovered a path back to the prosperity of a prewar Commonwealth, and he’s managed to gather a small flock of followers since founding the organization. The Pillars of the Community aren’t initially hostile, but they’re easily provoked.
    Pillars of the Community members have fairly unimpressive gear, but as a group, they can still be a handful. Missionaries carry pipe guns, but Initiates are limited to a variety of simple melee weapons. If you choose to engage this group in combat, keep moving to avoid being surrounded as you thin their numbers."
    (Groups, Gangs, and Factions)