Phoenix Assault Enhancement

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For other uses of name Phoenix, see Phoenix.
Phoenix Assault Enhancement
Fallout 2
Requirementsneeds to be bought
learned about implants in Vault City
Phoenix Armor Implants
Combat Armor
Effects10% to Damage Resistance against fire, laser and plasma
CH -1

You have extra inherent protection against energy attacks.

in-game description, Fallout 2

Phoenix Assault Enhancement is an implant perk in Fallout 2.


Main article: Gain combat implants

This special perk, requires you to learn about combat implants from doctors in Vault City, then installing them, using the services of doctors in Vault City, Redding or San Francisco. The implant will also require you to part with a suit of normal Combat Armor. You must have the Phoenix Armor Implants to get this.


This implant adds 10% to your Damage Resistance against fire, laser and plasma damage, replacing the Phoenix Armor Implants. Unfortunately, it also lowers your Charisma by 1 permanently.