Peyton Huxley

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Mentioned-only character
Peyton Huxley
Biography and appearance
AffiliationJohn-Caleb Bradberton
RoleExecutive assistance
Mentioned inNuka-World

Peyton Huxley was the executive assistant to John-Caleb Bradberton, inventor of Nuka-Cola and the CEO of the Nuka-Cola Corporation.


Huxley handled most of Bradberton's day to day affairs, from relaying memos to his boss,[1] to handling scheduling,[2] to sending out "Nuka Condolences" Fruit and Cheese Baskets to the families of early prototype Nuka-Cola Quantum flavor testers.[3] Bradberton even considered Huxley to be his protégé of sorts, hinting that one day, Huxley would take over the company for Bradberton.[3]

It was because of this trust that Bradberton let Huxley in on his secret involvement with the United States military and the LEAP-X program (Life Extension and Prolongation). Huxley was responsible for clearing Bradberton's schedule, transferring his medical records to the LEAP-X scientists, and deleting all backup copies or said data.[2] While Huxley expressed concern for his employer going through with the procedure and the impact his absence could have on the companies public image,[2] he nevertheless respected his employer's wishes and visited Bradberton every day from early April 2077 onward, to inform him on the events transpiring outside of his fortified vault.[4] Of course, Huxley perished in the Great War six months later, leaving Bradberton alone with himself for centuries.


Peyton Huxley is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.