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FNV Petro Chico Logo.png
Company data
IndustryEnergy (Oil and Gas)
Corporate connections
Parent entityPoseidon Energy

Un Amigo de Poseidon Energy

Petró-Chico was the arm of Poseidon Energy operating in the barren Mexican oil fields following the American take-over in the late 2050s.[1] Based in Veracruz, Puebla, and Hidalgo, Petró-Chico refined oil flowed across the Rio Grande into the southern US,[2] as far as Las Vegas, Nevada. Bearing the ominous label of "Un Amigo de Poseidon Energy", it was meant to showcase Poseidon's far-reaching and international hold over the world economy.




Petró-Chico appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "What's "Petro-Chico?""
    Raul Tejada: "You never heard of Petro-Chico, un Amigo de Poseidon Energy? Ah, of course not. They were an oil company in Mexico, back before the War."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "So what did you do?"
    Raul Tejada: "I left Mexico City behind. I made my way out to the Gulf Coast, eventually I found an old Petro-Chico refinery nobody had claimed. I stayed there for a little while, and I thought a lot about my life. I thought about the guns I'd lived by and what they'd gotten me. I decided my guns hadn't gotten me anything, and it was time to give it up. I took off that old vaquero outfit, and put on a Petro-Chico jumpsuit. The name tag said "Miguel," so I started using the name myself. Eventually I made it to Arizona... but that's another story, boss."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)
  3. Raul Tejada: "Gah! Petro-Chico Boy! Petro-Chico Boy is here for my chitlins! Oh. Just a dream. Just a dream...."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)