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Personal condition refers to the player characters well being. Condition can potentially be altered by things like different kinds of poison, chems, or wounds.


  • Fatigue: The amount of fatigue points governs consciousness and the actions the player can make depending on the game. In Fallout: New Vegas, they are a non-lethal system of health that when reaching 0 will knock out any character, and in Fallout 4 they govern free action points based on how rested and well fed the player keeps themselves in Survival mode.


  • Addiction: Addiction is usually caused by taking too much of an addictive substance (mostly alcohol and chems) too often. The player character will suffer from debuffs to their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. statistics until the addiction runs its course.
  • Overdose: Overdosing results in damage being dealt to the player character over time until the substance runs through their system.

Bodily needs

  • Dehydration: The amount of water the player has consumed to keep themselves hydrated with food and drink, such as Purified water or Desert salad. Going too long without water will result in minor, and later major, stat decreases and the player's instant death from fatal dehydration.
  • Sleep: The number of hours slept by the player. The player will know when they've slept enough as the player character will have the Well rested bonus; going too long without sleep will result in minor and major decreases and the player's death from sleep deprivation.
  • Hunger: The amount of food consumed by the player to keep themselves fed. Like the other statistics, going too long without eating will result minor and major stat decreases and eventually death from starvation.


  • Bandaged: By using first aid kits too many times, first aid will be impossible to perform.
  • Blind: When blind, the player characters' Perception is reduced dramatically.
  • Concussed: Having your brain knocked around in your skull lowers some skills as well as Intelligence.
  • Unconscious: When unconscious, the player character lays immobile on the ground unable to perform any action or task. They regain consciousness after a short time.
  • Winded: The player character cannot run because of a powerful hit to their torso.

Crippled limbs

  • Crippled Arm: Depending on whether if one or two arms is crippled, the player character will not be able to use certain weapons.
  • Crippled Eye: When the player character's eye is damaged, they risk lowered Perception or even death.
  • Crippled Leg: Depending on whether one or two legs are crippled, you will not be able to run or move.
  • If you suffer from multiple crippled limbs, you can even become Immobile.


  • Poisoned: When poisoned, the player characters health dwindles down and, unless treated, will result in death.
  • Radiated: Because the player character has been in an irradiated zone for too long, they are beginning to suffer the effects of radiation poisoning and will suffer from debuffed S.P.E.C.I.A.L. statistics.