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Mission data
Chapter2 (Bunker Beta)
Given ByGeneral Simon Barnaky
MainFind three fusion batteries
OptionalFind four fusion batteries
Ensure the Whachutu tribes sustains no losses Make sure no harm comes to the tribals
Get the fourth fusion battery
Dialogue FileMIS 05 Speech.txt
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Peoria is the fourth or fifth mission in Fallout Tactics.


The Brotherhood requires fusion batteries to power their advanced equipment. They are rare and found only in advanced military and scientific facilities, and the Brotherhood has to exercise due diligence in salvaging them. The Warrior's squad has been assigned to salvage the Peoria scientific facility for batteries - preferably without alienating the tribe living atop the ruins.


  • The principal enemies throughout the mission are various insects with low damage resistance and thresholds. JHP ammo will provide a lot of mileage.
  • At least 15 doses of afterburner gum or other chems are recommended for players who don't mind exploiting the game mechanics. As turrets are not coded as immune to chems, they can be used on them to induce overdose and death. See below for details.


The mission starts the player outside the settlement. The tribe's elder will offer some guidance and allow the squad to collect anti-radiation drugs from the trunk in the shaman's tent. Outside the village walls to the northwest, two dead raiders can be looted for a P220 and a few other worthwhile items. There are also two dead raiders northeast of the village up on the cliffs.

Entrance to the facility is to the northwest. There are three turrets around the top of the stairs into the store room. They are deactivated at first and will only come online if the player flips the switch in the secure passageway below and allows the ten second power-up cycle to complete. Here's where the exploit comes in: Turrets are technically regular NPCs and chems will affect them as normal, including overdose and death. Afterburner gum is one of the cheaper and most common options. To perform it, players simply need to use the chems on the turrets on the surface. Four doses will induce an overdose and the fifth will destroy the turret. Other chems can work, but might be weaker: Mentats require eight doses to overdose and nine to kill. The destroyed turrets offer a wealth of loot: Over 600 microfusion cells each, potentially breaking the early game economy.

Enemies will solely consist of insects (cockroaches and some radscorpions). Talk with the elder, then the shaman, and then open the chest inside of their tent.

First battery

Now proceed down into the bunker from the staircase at the northern edge of the village. Follow the rooms on the left side to obtain the yellow keycard, before backtracking and clearing rooms until a room with several lockers and a safe is reached, in which the yellow keycard can be used to reach the first fusion battery, which will be held inside of the blue locker. Now proceed to the right side of the bunker where there will be a power switch, which can be used to activate the interior defense systems.

These defense systems are automated laser turrets that will repeatedly switch between hiding under the floor, and the firing position. Listening carefully, their activity can be gauged as to when they are above or below ground, to allow sneaking past them without having to fight them.

Second battery

The next area has far more radscorpions and large radroaches, as well as a few more turrets. There are two objects that need to be found here: the second battery, which is near the left side in a lone blue locker on a long walkway. The second object is a power switch, near two generators, which are guarded by another turret. After the power has been restored, the entrance into the next and final area will become accessible.

Third battery

At the beginning of this area is another power switch. Using this switch will cause the defense system to switch from internal to external, which will open up two options:

  • Using the switch will kill a majority of the tribals above ground, but will turn off all the turrets where the Warrior and their squad are, thus making it much easier to progress through the rest of the final area.
  • Not using the switch will mean having to fight through the remaining turrets, but the tribals will be spared, and the elder will award a bonus fourth battery. Additional karma will also be gained, as well as a promotion and new recruits.

Naturally, if the topside turrets are killed by way of the exploit, the switch deactivates all underground turrets. Alternatively, players can simply place a squad member by the switch and switch power whenever they need to get by a turret.

Once the turrets have been dealt with, there will be a few more roaches and radscorpions to deal with before reaching the final room. Inside of this room is the last blue locker with the third and final battery needed. Also in this room are four large radroaches and Roachor, a formidable opponent, despite being a cockroach. This room is highly irradiated, so measures should be taken before engaging the unique cockroach and its minions.

Optional objectives

  • This can only be accomplished if none of the tribe members were killed by the turrets. The player can then talk to the elder to receive a fourth battery.


  • Saving before speaking with Chevron the elder after completing the mission is recommended. As of v1.27, acquiring the fourth fusion battery is bugged: the first three batteries must be dropped onto the ground before talking to the elder, in order to get the fourth. Then pick the other three back up.