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Penthouse suites
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Part ofTenpenny Tower
Cell NameTenpenny03
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The penthouse suites are a location in Fallout 3.


Located at the top of Tenpenny Tower, this area comprises all of the penthouse suites in Tenpenny Tower, except for the player home which is accessed from this location.

This location contains the suites of Allistair Tenpenny, Irving Cheng, and Mr. Burke, though Burke is never seen in his suite.

The area has three exits: an elevator to the lobby, an entrance to the player's suite, and an exit to the balcony from Tenpenny's suite. There is one large main room that all the suites open onto. Water outlets on this level are not irradiated, unlike elsewhere in the tower as well as most of the wasteland.

Tenpenny's suite is the largest, with 5 rooms: a foyer with the door to the balcony, a living room, 2 bedrooms, and a bathroom. Cheng's suite has four rooms: a foyer that doubles as a living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Burke's is the smallest, with three rooms: a foyer that doubles as a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

Notable loot

  • 1 Lying, Congressional Style on a desk in one of the bedrooms in Tenpenny's suite.
  • 1 whiskey on a table in the same bedroom as the Lying, Congressional Style book.
  • 1 10mm pistol and a key to Tenpenny's Suite on the table next to the entrance to Tenpenny's suite; a bottle of whiskey can be found on the floor behind the table.


The penthouse suites appear in Fallout 3.