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Pennsylvania Avenue
Fo3 Penn Avenue.png
Icon metro.png
Looking down Pennsylvania Avenue, from the Brotherhood's reinforced position near the ruins of the White House
Map MarkerPenn. Ave North
Penn. Ave Northwest
Penn. Ave South
Metro Central
Penn. Ave East
White House Plaza (Broken Steel)
Part ofWashington, D.C.
metro exitsPenn. Ave/Georgetown Metro
Freedom Street station
Penn. Ave/The Mall Metro
Metro Central
Penn. Ave/Seward Sq. Metro
Other ExitsWhite House
Cell NamePennsylvaniaAveNorth (fr. st. entr.)
PennsylvaniaAveOrigin (PA/TMM)
ref id00002e24 (fr. st. entr.)
0002ed4b (PA/TM Metro e.)
Pennsylvania Avenue map.jpg

Pennsylvania Avenue is a ruined neighborhood immediately to the east of what once was the White House.


This area is a constant battle between Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel and super mutants. Immediately behind the entrance to Metro Central is a Dot's Diner. To the west there is an manhole entrance to the metro sewer and further out is an alcove where a scavenger has set up shop with his dogs. In the far west Pennsylvania Avenue meets Executive Avenue. This area has been made into a Brotherhood encampment with an entrance to the utility tunnel which connects to the Presidential sub level and Presidential metro. South of this entrance is a small hotel where the Brotherhood of Steel has taken up residence.

Notable loot

  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in the nearby hotel on a small table near the HAM radio. (Has to be stolen unless you have the Broken Steel add-on and you've completed Take it Back!.)
  • Tumblers Today in the Sewer by the ammunition stash (hidden in a broken out wall in south east dead-end tunnel).
  • At the scaffolding at corner of 17th and Pennsylvania, there is a dead merc on the side with the leaning/bent light pole (you must walk up the pole to reach the merc) with a note (Pennsylvania Ave explosives note) about planted mines and activation switch location. The switch is past the dead merc. When you activate the switch, all the explosives go off in a chain reaction in the street.


  • The streets in this neighborhood appear to have been mis-numbered in the game, as 17th Street is west of the White House. The street marked as 17th Street in the game should probably be 12th Street.
  • The White House Plaza is already in the main game but is not marked on your Pip-Boy until you have installed Broken Steel.
  • Next to Metro Central is "The Clarabella", a very large and unique building.


Pennsylvania Avenue appears only in Fallout 3.