Penn. Ave-Georgetown metro station

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Penn. Ave-Georgetown metro station
Penn Ave Georgetown Metro.jpg
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Connects toNone
World Map ExitsGeorgetown East
Pennsylvania Avenue (Penn. Ave Northwest map marker)
Cell NamezcPennAveToGeorgetown
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Metro Penn. Ave Georgetown Metro.jpg

Pennsylvania Avenue/Georgetown Metro station (or, Penn. Ave/Georgetown Metro)'s tunnels have all fallen in leaving only the metro station, however it can still be used by the Lone Wanderer to quickly go between Pennsylvania Avenue and Georgetown.

It appears uninhabited, but if the player investigates the small camp downstairs, a few raiders with a guard dog will show up.


A metro station with entrances from the east and west, with the two metro passageways leading north and south totally blocked by rubble.


Penn. Ave/Georgetown Metro appears only in Fallout 3