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Patriarchs' Campground
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Map MarkerPatriarchs' Campground
FactionsWhite Legs
Cell NameNVDLC02SecPCamp
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Patriarchs' Campground is a location in Zion Canyon.


Patriarchs' Campground is nestled in a small basin area, surrounded on all sides by ascending slopes or cliffs. Two burnt out cars and three campers make a sort of circle around a table in the middle. This table holds little of value; mostly junk items.


The campground is populated by 4-6 creatures, most often green geckos and cazadores. There are three trailers, one containing a bed. White Legs often hide around the camp area and will ambush an unwary player.

Mesa crash site

Northwest of Patriarch's Campground is a crashed pre-War transport plane resting atop a high mesa, with scattered aircraft parts, skeletal remains and supplies below. The plane's cargo can be found scattered on a ledge above the Virgin River. Landing gear and a wing section can be seen higher up on a rocky outcropping. Further east around the mesa is a half circle of skeletal remains, sacks of gear and assorted consumables.


  • The skeletal remains are most likely the bodies of the airplane crew.
  • White Legs warriors may respawn once or twice every ingame week.
  • It is not possible to reach the airplane itself.


Patriarchs' Campground appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.