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Parsons State Insane Asylum
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Map MarkerParsons State Insane Asylum
FactionsCabot family
Lefty's raiders
QuestsSpecial Delivery
The Secret of Cabot House
Cell NameParsonsState01 (administration)
ParsonsState02 (interior)
ref id0005c257 (administration)
0005fbb5 (interior)
TerminalsJack's Office Terminal
Diagnostic Terminal
Control Room Terminal

Parsons State Insane Asylum is a location in the Commonwealth.


Parsons was erected before the Great War to house the mentally ill citizens of the Commonwealth. Construction was allegedly funded by the Cabot family of Boston.[1] The Cabots did not do this out of goodwill or philanthropy; rather, the patriarch of the family, Lorenzo Cabot, had gone insane after finding artifacts of an ancient civilization and the asylum, coupled with the influence of the Cabot family, were the only things keeping Lorenzo off of death row. Even after 200 years, Lorenzo's son Jack is focused on keeping his father below the asylum where he cannot hurt anyone.[2]



The grounds are fairly mundane, notable only for a few mercenaries roaming around. A road leading in from the northeast passes by the administration entrance, the only way into the asylum. A wall surrounds the grounds, but some sections have crumbled over the years. Around the back of asylum is an outdoor where patients could get some fresh air.


The interior of the asylum is not accessible until The Secret of Cabot House becomes available. The door to administration opens to an admissions area, with two initially locked doors. The open hallway to the northwest contains a few wrecked offices and ends in a staircase leading upstairs. At the end of the upstairs hallway is a supply room with a busted wall, allowing passage.

This leads to a staircase leading down to the main floor again, toward one of the initially locked doors. The hallway on the main floor leads in to an office containing an elevator. Through the north facing door is a pavilion with a fountain in the center. Scaffolding leads up to a hole in the wall giving access to a therapy room. Through the door is the rest of the insane asylum.

The room opens to an expansive room that hooks around to a kitchen area. The collapsed floor leads down to a common room connected to a few offices. Through another hold in the wall, one enters the spacing between some walls and can descend into the basement. The basement is lined with several small rooms containing only a bed, dresser and toilet, like for the more unstable patients. A hole in the floor at the end of the hallways leads to a few more solitary rooms; the hallway ends at a utility elevator that takes one to the basement.

The basement contains the control room to Lorenzo Cabot's personal prison cell, which is surrounded by generators and an Abremalin field. Inside is a bed, a comfy chair, some tables, a curio... and Lorenzo, of course. An elevator in the control room leaves back up to the ground floor.



  • There are two skeletons of former admittance to the asylum who've dug through the wall of their cells to kiss one another before they've died? It appears her door button was broke.

Notable loot

  • The Charisma bobblehead is found on the desk in the ground floor office behind the northeastern locked door. Navigate though the hallways through the northwest door way to get to the office. Edward Deegan is found injured in this room.
  • An edition of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal is on a end table in Lorenzo Cabot's personal cell.



Parsons State Insane Asylum appears only in Fallout 4.


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