Pan-Immunity Virion

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Pan-Immunity Virion was a general immunity agent intended as a cure for the New Plague and Chinese biological weapons. Started in 2073, the Pan-Immunity Virion Project paved the way for the Forced Evolutionary Virus. However, the two viruses are distinct, as they have a completely different structure and effects.[1] The project eventually was extended under the Greenhouse Initiative, a project designed to facilitate and control the production of genetically-modified foods in a safe, practical manner, but later moved onto manufacturing, researching, and improving the FEV mutagen.[2][3]


The PV is essentially a virus fragment consisting of ribonucleic acid (RNA) encased in a protein-lipid sheath. This virion contains a specially arranged sequence of radiated amino acids (RAA) that are capable of attaching to non-specific binding sites on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and force a non-replicating mitosis to occur. The resulting host cell is left with a quadruple-helix DNA structure.[4]

In early testing, the virion easily penetrated the cell membrane and attached directly to the host DNA in the nucleus. Mitosis of the structure began almost immediately. Cytokinesis was prevented by controlling the disposition of the kinetochore fibers during anaphase. The entire mitotic cycle lasted approximately 2 hours, although phenotypical expression of the new structure was not immediate.[4]

In addition to an effective immunity to bacterial and viral agents, the quad-helix structure was almost entirely immune to errors introduced in base pairing during replication due to multiplicity of the base sequence. Radiation-exposed tissue showed no mutation in the base sequence and protein synthesis mechanisms in the ribosomes were unimpaired.[4]

Over 80% of the samples tissue contained quad-helix DNA. Most affected was muscle and bone tissue, as well as secretory cells, as these cells seem most receptive to virion. Sensory cells are the least affected. Surprisingly, even normally non-replicating nerve cells and nonsomatic cell were induced to begin mitosis.[4]