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PMV Valdez
Map MarkerTanker
Part ofSan Francisco
Main Deck
Starboard Cargo Hold
FactionsTanker vagrants
LeadersCaptain A. Ron Meyers[1]
MerchantsTanker merchants
QuestsGet Chip's spleen.
Find Badger's girlfriend in the hold below the ship.
TerminalsTanker computer
FOB terminal

This ship's a Poseidon tanker. It's equipped with tech that lasted through the war. It's got a FOB that allows access to the navigation computer room, and it's got an IFF transponder that protects it from Poseidon guns.

— A. Ron Mayers

Poseidon Marine Vessel Valdez[2] is an old Poseidon Oil tanker anchored in San Francisco harbor.


Operating under the flag of Poseidon Oil before the war, the PMV Valdez was an ancient vessel even before the war. Rather than utilizing new, efficient fusion as its power source, it used a set of conventional fossil fuel engines for propulsion. The precise reasons for not retrofitting the ship are unknown, but may be a result of difficulties in getting such a massive vehicle to run on fusion, corporate branding concerns, or the result of shortages caused by the Resource Wars.[3][4][5][6]

The ship lay idle in San Francisco harbor for decades. It became home to various species of mutated creatures. Sometime after the establishment of Navarro, the ship was disabled by Enclave personnel under security act 9837-334-27A. The navigational computer parts were removed to Vault 13, and the Tanker FOB was placed in the care of the Navarro base commander.[7] The disabled ship was eventually settled by vagrants, a diverse, loosely organized band of independent thinkers, artists, outcasts, and everyone else who preferred privacy and tolerance over quality of life. A small, but lucrative hacking and trading business was also set up by entrepreneurs. The vagrants tried to make the ship move and create a society free from greed.[8]

In 2242, the ship was given a new, temporary lease on life. With the help of A. Ron Meyers, a Navarro deserter, the Chosen One reactivated the ship. With the navigational computer parts replaced and the holds once more full of fuel, he took it to Control Station Enclave, located 175 miles off the coast of California.[9] The ship returned loaded with Vault 13 and Arroyo survivors and Sgt. Granite's deserting Enclave Control Company.[10] The vagrants eventually drifted on, leaving the vessel behind to slumber in the harbor once more, washed by the waves of the Pacific and establishing an uneasy trading operation with the Shi.[11]


The ship is divided between three levels. The top one, accessible through a staircase in the eastern part of the central level, is the bridge, where the player ultimately uses the terminal to journey to the Enclave.

The central level houses the punks' living quarters, as well as Badger's workroom, the bar, and two shops stocking rare weapons and other goods.

The bottom level are the cargo holds. They are mostly empty, save for the old Vault-Tec door that never reached its destination, Suze, Badger's girlfriend, and hordes of aggressive, high level monsters. Better come prepared.


The Poseidon Marine Vessel Valdez appears in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes

The aliens, floaters, and centaurs were placed in the tanker, since we needed some major baddies in the tanker at the end game. They most likely crawled down there in search of a lair before the punks showed up. Centaurs and floaters get around – mostly wherever game logic (not necessarily plausibility) dictates.

Chris Avellone, Fallout Bible 6
  • Exxon Valdez was the original name of an oil tanker owned by the former Exxon Corporation. It gained widespread infamy after the March 24, 1989 oil spill in which the tanker hit Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef and spilled an estimated 11 million gallons of crude oil.



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    1. I may be missing some statements from within F2, but my opinions are:
    A. Despite the fact that is carrying a Vault Door and is automated doesn't mean the tanker is "new" - it may be old/very old by 2070s standards and not incorporated any fusion technology into its design - and it may be too difficult to retrofit the tanker to run on fusion (although getting the fob was easy). It is not known whether there were any tankers incorporating fusion power sources in the 2070s, although military vehicles would be a different story.
    B. Poseidon Oil (during the Pre-War years) would not want its tankers using fusion cells because that would run contrary to the image of the company, despite its practicality. Plus, the idea of something so big running on something so small hurts its self-confidence.
    C. Fusion cells are very easy to get (in the game) and thus would undercut the adventure seed of connecting the fuel and the necessity of dealing with the Shi and Hubologists.
    D. On some thematic level, the fact that the tanker runs on fuel helps drive home:
    i. The fact the player is going to an oil rig.
    ii. Brings up images of the real-world Valdez.
    iii. Suggests the dinosaur-era technology of the tanker and it also provokes some images of the desperation of the Resource Wars, if you're a Fallout history buff.
    E. The fact that there is a Vault Door aboard the tanker does not mean the tanker itself is new."
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  6. The Chosen One: "{136}{}{How do I pilot it?}"
    A. Ron Meyers: "{123}{}{How do you pilot this rig? Fill 'er up with some gas - try the Hubologists or the Shi after you've taken care of everything else - and press the button. The computer will take care of the rest, if it's still working. It'll sail right out to the oil rig, and they won't fire at you because you've got the IFF transponder. Just make sure you've got what you need to access everything: FOB, working computer, and fuel. Easy enough, huh?}"
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    The Chosen One: "{142}{}{What are they?}"
    Marc: "{156}{}{You want to know what our plans are? We're going to keep moving around until we can find a place that hasn't been screwed over by human greed and then we're going to try to set up a better society.}"
    The Chosen One: "{157}{}{Do you know how you're going to do that?}"
    Marc: "{160}{}{We're hoping that if we can avoid society's mistakes. Hell, things can't get much worse.}"
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    "He and the EC crew hopped aboard the tanker, and escaped to the mainland after watching the fireworks from the top of the tanker, whispering "gawd-damn" to themselves and throwing suggestive glances at the women from Vault 13 and Arroyo. After reaching the mainland, they headed north to Navarro (or the remains of Navarro, depending on how your PC left it) and were never heard from again, though their adventures could fill several eras worth of pulp comics, including a recent re-appearance in Keith Giffen's resurrection of Suicide Squad."
  11. Fallout Bible 5 Questions: 9b. Hey thanks for answering. You probobly can't find the other questions because I was at my bro's when i sent em. I asked about what happened to some of the fallout 2 npcs after the game. We know myron gets stabbed by a jet addict ironically in the den. And Marcus goes off to go do some heroics of his own. But what about cassidy, sulik and the EC squadren to name a few.
    Cassidy and Sulik: Can't say, no documentation exists. To be honest, I'll probably leave their fates open, since I don't want to pigeonhole two of the most favorite NPC allies from Fallout 2. I kind of hope that Cassidy eventually got his heart meds, though. At last word, Sulik returned to the primitive tribe for a few moons (months) after breaking paths with the Chosen One, then headed east in search of his sister. Cassidy went on to search for Texas, breaking south through NCR and past Dayglow.
    The punks on the tanker also survived, and they had a great view of the Poseidon oil rig exploding. They eventually into an uneasy trading relationship with the Shi after the destruction of the Hubologists, and the two groups went on to make San Francisco a major fishing and trading center.
    And here's the follow-up to the follow-up above:"
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