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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±
# Text labels and messages used in PIPBOY.C
# (These MUST match "text message" enumeration on the top of PIPBOY.C)
# ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±

# Special holiday dates
{100}{}{Happy New Year's Day!} # New years
{101}{}{Happy Valentine's Day!} # April fools
{102}{}{Happy All Fool's Day!} # April fools
{103}{}{Happy Ship Day!} # Shipping day!
{104}{}{Happy Independence Day!} # Independence day
{105}{}{Happy Halloween!} # Halloween
{106}{}{Happy Thanksgiving Day!} # Thanksgiving
{107}{}{Merry Christmas!} # X-mas

# System messages
{203}{}{No current tasks.}
{204}{}{CLUES} # clues gone
{215}{}{You cannot rest at this location!}

# Alarm clock
{300}{}{ALARM CLOCK}
{301}{}{Hit Points}
{302}{}{Rest for ten minutes}
{303}{}{Rest for thirty minutes}
{304}{}{Rest for an hour}
{305}{}{Rest for two hours}
{306}{}{Rest for three hours}
{307}{}{Rest for four hours}
{308}{}{Rest for five hours}
{309}{}{Rest for six hours}
{310}{}{Rest until morning (0800)}
{311}{}{Rest until noon (1200)}
{312}{}{Rest until evening (1800)}
{313}{}{Rest until midnight (0000)}
{314}{}{Rest until healed}
{315}{}{Rest until party is healed}

# Holodisk titles
{400}{}{Vault 13 Holodisk}
{401}{}{Military Base Outside}
{402}{}{Military Base Level 1}
{403}{}{Military Base Level 2}
{404}{}{Military Base Level 3}
{405}{}{Military Base Level 4}
{406}{}{Sierra Depot Exp. Log}
{407}{}{Sierra Depot Medical Log}
{408}{}{Sierra Depot Evac. Notice}
{409}{}{Sierra Depot GNN Transcript}
{410}{}{Sierra Mission Statement}
{411}{}{Hubologist Teachings}
{412}{}{Vault City Desginer Notes}
{413}{}{Vault City Travel Log}
{414}{}{NCR Spy Holodisk}
{415}{}{NCR History Holodisk}
{416}{}{Westin Holodisk}
{417}{}{State of the Nation}
{418}{}{Word List}
{419}{}{The Project}
{420}{}{Power Plant Operations}

# Movie archive titles
# Order must match the list (see gmovie.h)
{500}{}{InterPlay Logo} # Not shown in Pipboy
{502}{}{Elder Speech}
{503}{}{Vault Suit Recovery}
{504}{}{Arroyo Failure}
{505}{}{Arroyo Destroyed}
{506}{}{Starting the Car}
{507}{}{Family Cartucci}
{508}{}{Deathclaw Leader}
{509}{}{Tanker to Derrick}
{510}{}{Prisoners in Enclave}
{511}{}{Derrick Exploding}
{512}{}{Arroyo Dream 1}
{513}{}{Arroyo Dream 2}
{514}{}{Arroyo Dream 3}
{515}{}{Arroyo Dream 4}

# Things for the Mac version to speak
{601}{}{Clues} # Clues gone
{604}{}{Alarm Clock}
{605}{}{Doo da doo da dum dee dee doodly doo dum dum dum doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da doo}
{606}{}{Welcome to the Rob Co Pipboy 2000.}
{607}{}{So long.}
{608}{}{Wake up.}

# Status thread text
# Format:
# 0 City name
# 1 ... 9 thread/quest name
{700}{}{Vault 13}
{701}{}{Calm rebel faction.}
{702}{}{Destroy the Mutant leader.}
{703}{}{Destroy the source of the Mutants.}
{704}{}{Find the Water Chip.}
{705}{}{Find the Water Thief.}
{710}{}{Buried Vault}
{720}{}{Shady Sands}
{721}{}{Cure Jarvis of Radscorpion Poison.}
{722}{}{Make Poison Antidote.}
{723}{}{Rescue Tandi from the Raiders.}
{724}{}{Stop the Radscorpions.}
{731}{}{Help Saul.}
{732}{}{Kill Killian.}
{733}{}{Rescue Sinthia.}
{734}{}{Save Trish.}
{735}{}{Stop Gizmo.}
{736}{}{Bust the Skulz gang.}
{751}{}{Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed.}
{752}{}{Fix the Necropolis water pump.}
{761}{}{Destroy Deathclaw.}
{762}{}{Dispose of Jain.}
{763}{}{Dispose of merchant.}
{764}{}{Find the missing caravans.}
{765}{}{Steal necklace from the Merchants.}
{771}{}{Become an Initiate.}
{772}{}{Rescue Initiate from the Hub.}
{780}{}{Military Base}
{791}{}{Disarm Traps for the Facility.}
{792}{}{Turn on power for the Glow.}
{801}{}{Become a Blade.}
{802}{}{Deliver Locket for Romero.}
{803}{}{Deliver package from the Gun Runners.}
{804}{}{Find Children spy in the Followers.}
{805}{}{Fix hydroponic farms in Adytum.}
{806}{}{Rescue Jason Zimmerman.}
{807}{}{Stop the Gangs from attacking Adytum.}

# Holodisk text

{1000}{}{VAULT 13 HOLO by Ziggy}
{1002}{}{This holodisk gives the location of Vault13. The }
{1003}{}{location has been marked on your map. }
# *** ***
{2000}{}{To: CHQ}
{2001}{}{Our team of scientists has finished testing the sample}
{2002}{}{obtained from the base. It has been confirmed as 99%}
{2003}{}{pure. You can expect the sample to arrive shortly. As}
{2004}{}{expected the worker population has mutated rapidly once}
{2005}{}{exposed to the pure source. Heavy, but acceptable losses}
{2006}{}{are reported. I've ordered the evacuation of the base.}
{2007}{}{As soon as the last person is out, we'll blow the}
{2008}{}{entrance to the base and seal the bastards in.}
{2010}{}{Colonel Sanders}

# *** ***
{3000}{}{This is Captain Pickard reporting at checkpoint 1.}
{3001}{}{Contact with checkpoints 2 & 3 has been cut off. We}
{3002}{}{can only assume the worst. The monsters are swarming}
{3003}{}{up the mineshafts. All efforts to delay them have}
{3004}{}{failed. We'll try to hold them at this position as long}
{3005}{}{as we can.}

# *** ***
{4000}{}{Checkpoint 3 is under attack. We have shut down the}
{4001}{}{mine elevators as a precaution, but I can hear them}
{4002}{}{coming up the mineshaft. Holy shit! Huge, ugly,}
{4003}{}{green, creatures are climbing out of the lower levels!}
{4004}{}{This must be what the brass is after. Some kind of}
{4005}{}{super soldier. As fast as we shoot them two more climb}
{4006}{}{out of the mineshaft and the ones we shoot get up and}
{4007}{}{keep coming at us! We need reinforc_}

# *** ***
{5000}{}{Sergeant Bracks reporting at checkpoint 3. Everything}
{5001}{}{is normal, just like yesterday and the day before that.}
{5002}{}{I don't know why the brass has us guarding these}
{5003}{}{wretched miners. They are so scrawny and weak, they}
{5004}{}{can barely lift a pickaxe. Anyway, the pencil necks}
{5005}{}{passed by a while ago with some kind of sample. They}
{5006}{}{seemed pretty excited by it. Do you know if they found}
{5007}{}{what they were looking for? Maybe we can finally get}
{5008}{}{out of this forsaken place. It gives me the creeps.}
{5009}{}{Hold on a second, another load is coming up the}
{5010}{}{mineshaft. My god! What are they? They're swarming}
{5011}{}{our position! Send help! Repeat, this is check point 3}
{5012}{}{send he_}

# *** ***
{6000}{}{The excavation is going according to schedule. Judging}
{6001}{}{by the old base blueprints, we should be reaching the}
{6002}{}{vat area shortly. Increased levels of the FEV virus}
{6003}{}{are present in both the air and soil samples we've}
{6004}{}{taken. Luckily our suits filter out the virus. Tell}
{6005}{}{the members of the Enclave they should have a pure}
{6006}{}{sample of the mutagen soon.}
{6008}{}{Also, I've begun to notice some changes in the miners.}
{6009}{}{They seem to be showing signs of increased strength,}
{6010}{}{stamina and a slight change in skin tone; obvious}
{6011}{}{signs of mutations by the FEV. The men are getting}
{6012}{}{nervous, as they too have noticed the change. Although I've}
{6013}{}{increased the number of guards, I fear if the workers}
{6014}{}{completely mutate, we'll be vastly outnumbered. It is}
{6015}{}{my hope, that since we are using the local inhabitants}
{6016}{}{as a work force, full mutation won't occur}
{6017}{}{unless they are directly exposed (dipped) in a pure}
{6018}{}{source or prolonged exposure to the virus occurs. As}
{6019}{}{you recall, minute amounts of the virus have been}
{6020}{}{detected throughout this region. Tests on subjects}
{6021}{}{living in this area have shown that they have built up}
{6022}{}{a tolerance to the FEV virus. However, I advise}
{6023}{}{caution since exposure to this level of the FEV virus}
{6024}{}{was never entered into the calculations. I advise that}
{6025}{}{you rig the entrance to the base to collapse as soon}
{6026}{}{as a pure sample is obtained. This will seal the}
{6027}{}{exposed miners into the base and prevent unfriendlies}
{6028}{}{from obtaining the virus once we are gone.}
{7000}{}{Sierra Army Depot - R & D}
{7001}{}{Attending Physician - Dr. H. Lector}
{7002}{}{Personal Log}
{7004}{}{June 28, 2077}
{7005}{}{Today the boys in bio storage played a great joke on}
{7006}{}{me. One of the little pranksters altered the}
{7007}{}{settings on my Vault-Tec automated organ extractor. }
{7008}{}{Boy, was I surprised when Private Callow came out of }
{7009}{}{the operating room without a colon. Good thing he was}
{7010}{}{dead already or I'd be in trouble. I hardwired}
{7011}{}{the machine to extract only brains so this wouldn't}
{7012}{}{happen again. I'll get them back for this.}
{7014}{}{June 29, 2077}
{7015}{}{I removed Private Callow's liver and cooked it. I}
{7016}{}{then had it sent down to the boys in bio storage}
{7017}{}{with fava beans and a nice Chianti. They think it}
{7018}{}{was a special thank you from the general for a job}
{7019}{}{well done. I love my job.}
{7021}{}{June 30, 2077}
{7022}{}{I tried a new chem cocktail of Buffout and Psychos}
{7023}{}{on one of my patients and mixed with some special}
{7024}{}{enhancers I've been toying with. The results were}
{7025}{}{promising, if not messy. The subject became very}
{7026}{}{violent and managed to break out of his room.}
{7027}{}{Luckily, the new security robots were in place}
{7028}{}{and managed to subdue him. I'll have}
{7029}{}{maintenance come down and replace that door.}
{7031}{}{July 1, 2077}
{7032}{}{My favorite experiment died. I've been feeding}
{7033}{}{him a steady diet of Mentats mixed with my}
{7034}{}{special enhancers. He went from an IQ of 39 to}
{7035}{}{an IQ of 200 in just a few weeks. I am saddened}
{7036}{}{since he was one of the few people I could}
{7037}{}{really talk to. He will be sorely missed.}
{7039}{}{July 5, 2077}
{7040}{}{We think the new cybernetic brain is finally}
{7041}{}{ready. We have to run some more tests, but it}
{7042}{}{looks promising.}
{7044}{}{July 6, 2077}
{7045}{}{Robotics isn't happy that their precious}
{7046}{}{computer is being modified to run the base's}
{7047}{}{security for the evacuation. I can't say I'm}
{7048}{}{happy either, since Skynet has been invaluable}
{7049}{}{in the development of the new cybernetic brain.}
{7051}{}{July 9, 2077}
{7052}{}{The evacuation has been moved up. What rotten}
{7053}{}{timing. We were just about to start on the}
{7054}{}{installation of the new cybernetic brain. They}
{7055}{}{say the evacuation is temporary, so I'll get}
{7056}{}{to continue my research when I come back. This}
{7057}{}{will probably be my last log for some time,}
{7058}{}{since I will be busy gathering up as much of my}
{7059}{}{research as possible.}
{8000}{}{July 5, 2077}
{8001}{}{Sierra Army Depot - Infirmary}
{8002}{}{Attending Physician - Dr. Solomon}
{8003}{}{Subject - Corporal Dixon}
{8004}{}{Accident Report # 8332-523D}
{8006}{}{Subject was attempting to arm an attack mine in}
{8007}{}{storage bay as part of Sierra Army Depot's}
{8008}{}{evacuation defenses. Mine detonated prematurely}
{8009}{}{severely injuring Corporal Dixon and General}
{8010}{}{Clifton. Corporal Dixon suffered severe}
{8011}{}{lacerations to hands, chest and facial area.}
{8012}{}{The entire right hand was completely severed}
{8013}{}{and we were unable to locate the missing}
{8014}{}{appendage. Severe puncture wounds to the chest}
{8015}{}{and face area required extensive surgery to}
{8016}{}{repair. 32 mine fragments were removed in all.}
{8017}{}{Right eye was damaged beyond repair. Surgery}
{8018}{}{was performed to remove Corporal Dixon's right}
{8019}{}{eye. It is our hope that by placing the}
{8020}{}{damaged, but living eye in a new experimental}
{8021}{}{Biomed gel, the eye might be able to}
{8022}{}{regenerate itself. Hopefully we will be}
{8023}{}{able to reattach the eye at a later date.}
{8024}{}{This experimental Biomed gel shows great}
{8025}{}{promise in stimulating growth in living cells.}
{8026}{}{It is however unfortunate to test this new gel}
{8027}{}{under such circumstances.}
{9000}{}{June 9, 2077}
{9001}{}{Priority Release}
{9002}{}{General Posting}
{9004}{}{Notice to all personnel. Evacuation of Sierra}
{9005}{}{Army Depot has been advanced 1 week.}
{9006}{}{Installation of security and defense measures}
{9007}{}{must be completed by then. All personnel must}
{9008}{}{check in with section chiefs for revised}
{9009}{}{orders. During this time, security will be}
{9010}{}{be strictly enforced; ID badges must be worn}
{9011}{}{at all times.}
{9013}{}{By order of General Clifton}

# Sierra Base Mission Statement
{10000}{}{Sierra Army Depot}
{10001}{}{Mission Statement 1942 - 1991}
{10002}{}{Store and maintain a defensive supply of military ordnance.}
{10003}{}{In the event of an invasion Sierra Army Depot is to lend }
{10004}{}{support to neighboring military bases ensuring they are}
{10005}{}{properly supplied and equipped.}
{10007}{}{Sierra Army Depot}
{10008}{}{Mission Statement 1992 - 2050}
{10009}{}{Responsible for the demilitarization of stores of surplus}
{10010}{}{ammunition that have been deemed unfit or obsolete for}
{10011}{}{military purposes. This mission is to be overseen by the}
{10012}{}{Industrial Operations Command (IOC) in cooperation with }
{10013}{}{the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), providing a }
{10014}{}{greener cleaner way to dispose of military ordnance.}
{10016}{}{Sierra Army Depot}
{10017}{}{Mission Statement 2050 - 2076}
{10019}{}{Level 5 Clearance Required}
{10020}{}{Base is to be refurbished with the latest in technology }
{10021}{}{and is to be used as a secret research installation for }
{10022}{}{developing and testing robotic, biological and conventional}
{10025}{}{Sierra Army Depot}
{10026}{}{Mission Statement 2077}
{10027}{}{Due to trained personnel shortage, Sierra Army Depot is }
{10028}{}{to be modified into an automated defense base. All }
{10029}{}{personnel to be relocated to neighboring installations or }
{10030}{}{sent to the front line. }

# Sierra Base GNN Transscript
{11000}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11001}{}{Transcript of Broadcast January 11, 2073}
{11002}{}{Today's top story on GNN. In a financial coup,}
{11003}{}{the US managed to be the first to tap the world's}
{11004}{}{last remaining supply of oil. Until recently this}
{11005}{}{reserve of oil was thought to be unattainable}
{11006}{}{due to the deposit being located thousands}
{11007}{}{of feet beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean.}
{11008}{}{With the world's supply of oil nearing depletion,}
{11009}{}{a race to be the first to create a method to}
{11010}{}{extract this deposit ensued. We at the GNN}
{11011}{}{are proud to announce that US is the first to do}
{11012}{}{so and thus claim the oil as property of the United}
{11013}{}{States. Way to go US!}
{11015}{}{China cries foul as news of the success circulates}
{11016}{}{around the globe. According to President Xin of }
{11017}{}{China, their drilling platform project was scheduled}
{11018}{}{for completion months before the US project, however}
{11019}{}{the Chinese platform had a string of unfortunate}
{11020}{}{accidents delaying their project significantly.}
{11021}{}{President Xin is also quoted in saying that he has}
{11022}{}{definitive proof that the US was behind the sabotage}
{11023}{}{of their oil platform and formally requests that an}
{11024}{}{international panel be appointed to investigate.}
{11026}{}{In other news, riots rock the nation as}
{11027}{}{gasoline prices skyrocket to all time highs. Records}
{11028}{}{were broken as the price of gas surpassed the current}
{11029}{}{rate of gold bullion.}
{11031}{}{Here at home, the winter temperature is a chilly }
{11032}{}{100-110F with lows reaching a freezing 90F along}
{11033}{}{the coast. Dress warmly today!}
{11035}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11036}{}{Transcript of Broadcast June 24, 2074}
{11037}{}{Negotiations between the US and other world powers}
{11038}{}{has come to a dramatic end, with the President walking}
{11039}{}{out of oil talks with the other world powers. After a}
{11040}{}{much heated debate, the President stormed out of the}
{11041}{}{meeting and declared that the last known supply of}
{11042}{}{petroleum will be used exclusively by the US and the}
{11043}{}{US will not sell or trade any oil to outside parties.}
{11044}{}{Threats of UN sanctions fall on deaf ears.}
{11046}{}{Industry screeches to a halt across the globe as oil}
{11047}{}{reserves are depleted. The cries of the desperate,}
{11048}{}{however, do not fall upon deaf ears as exports from}
{11049}{}{the US increase twentyfold despite UN sanctions. The}
{11050}{}{US economy is seeing it's greatest growth since the}
{11051}{}{Reagan Era.}
{11053}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11054}{}{Transcript of Broadcast February 14, 2075}
{11055}{}{History was made today as Canada, by popular demand}
{11056}{}{of its citizens, agreed to be annexed by the US.}
{11057}{}{The President is quoted as saying, "Canada is one of}
{11058}{}{the world's greatest sources of hockey players" and will}
{11059}{}{be a welcome addition to the U.S. In return, sources say}
{11060}{}{Canada will receive a full 10% of the world's remaining}
{11061}{}{supply of oil, controlled exclusively by the US, as well}
{11062}{}{as a 50% reduction in taxes since they now fall under US}
{11063}{}{tax laws.}
{11065}{}{In sports today, the Little Rock Saints and the Anaheim}
{11066}{}{Jets battled it out at Super Bowl CXII. It was a real}
{11067}{}{nail-biter, but J. Montana IV managed to save the day}
{11068}{}{by running the ball all the way from the 5 yard line}
{11069}{}{to score the winning touch down during the final seconds}
{11070}{}{of the game. The final score 95 - 90. The Anaheim}
{11071}{}{Jets win Super Bowl CXII.}
{11073}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11074}{}{Transcript of Broadcast February 15, 2075}
{11075}{}{In a stunning display of solidarity, the House of}
{11076}{}{Representatives and Congress both voted unanimously to}
{11077}{}{impeach the President for jaywalking. Both houses stated}
{11078}{}{that the President is not above the law and should have}
{11079}{}{known better than to jaywalk. Both sides deny this had}
{11080}{}{anything to do with the recent annexation of Canada.}
{11082}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11083}{}{Transcript of Broadcast March 30, 2076}
{11084}{}{Today the President ordered the Pacific Fleet to the}
{11085}{}{Poseidon deep sea oil derrick located at a secret }
{11086}{}{location out in the Pacific. He cited concerns over that}
{11087}{}{military exercises staged by the Chinese fleet are}
{11088}{}{"unacceptably close to our strategic oil reserves."}
{11089}{}{The Chinese government denied any hostile intentions.}
{11091}{}{A recent poll suggests that 54% of GNN viewers think}
{11092}{}{that the President is using this as a diversionary }
{11093}{}{tactic to take the public's eye off the President's }
{11094}{}{recent admission to having multiple extramarital affairs }
{11095}{}{with campaign staffers. Our poll also suggests that 70% }
{11096}{}{don't care about these affairs and are happy with the way }
{11097}{}{the President is running the country. A whopping 60% also}
{11098}{}{think he should keep having these affairs if that is what }
{11099}{}{it takes to keep the country running smoothly.}
{11101}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11102}{}{Transcript of Broadcast October, 10 2077}
{11103}{}{WAR! A state of war is declared as China invades the }
{11104}{}{United States by way of Alaska! Protests by the US fall }
{11105}{}{on deaf ears as the UN council chooses to ignore this }
{11106}{}{blatant act of aggression. The President of the United }
{11107}{}{States is calling on YOU to help defend our country }
{11108}{}{against those that would do harm to her. YOU are urged to }
{11109}{}{go down to your local recruiting office and join the }
{11110}{}{armed forces. Uncle Sam needs YOU! For Justice, for }
{11111}{}{Freedom and Mom's Apple Pie.}
{11113}{}{Galaxy News Network}
{11114}{}{Transcript of Broadcast October, 22, 2077}
{11115}{}{Thanks to the brave souls of the armed forces and our }
{11116}{}{newly developed power armored combat suits, US forces}
{11117}{}{have pushed back the Chinese invaders. Crippled by lack of }
{11118}{}{fuel, US forces have pushed the invaders back to their}
{11119}{}{home capital of Beijing.}

# Elron Bible
{12001}{}{Welcome to the Hubology Holodisc! Within these electronic}
{12002}{}{pages, you'll find a quick description of our beliefs, }
{12003}{}{including the formerly-repressed teachings of the Hub. }
{12004}{}{This holodisc isn't meant to represent the final word on}
{12005}{}{Hubology - think of it as a primer, and us as your }
{12006}{}{spiritual guardians.}
{12008}{}{MAIN MENU}
{12011}{}{Small Glossary of Terms}
{12012}{}{Bibliography of The Hub}
{12015}{}{We were founded back before the Great Deluge by an}
{12016}{}{author and visionary of great promise, a man named Dick}
{12017}{}{Hubbell. He saw the failure of the medicine of that time,}
{12018}{}{and of the failure of religion, and of the failure of }
{12019}{}{government. He knew that the world needed something }
{12020}{}{new...the world needed Hubology. Inspired by music of the }
{12021}{}{time and hs own personal experience with extraterrestrial}
{12022}{}{beings, he set out to show us wheels in the sky, to keep }
{12023}{}{them burning, and to understand the Great Wheel of Life.}
{12025}{}{We call him the Hub, for it is through him that we}
{12026}{}{understand our place in the Wheel - he is our center, and}
{12027}{}{we are his spokes. It is around his teachings that we}
{12030}{}{With the publication of countless books and journals,}
{12031}{}{the Hub began spreading the word of Hubology - and}
{12032}{}{immediately became a target for his detractors. They }
{12033}{}{called his work "pseudo-science" and "dangerous dribble}
{12034}{}{that can only hurt its adherents." Despite the collected}
{12035}{}{sightings of Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles across the globe,}
{12036}{}{they insisted on quashing the Hub's word. We know that }
{12037}{}{they were simply stupid and misguided, but they were }
{12038}{}{powerful; they included governments and corporations and}
{12039}{}{other such entities, keeping the greatest news of all time}
{12040}{}{from the people of the earth.}
{12042}{}{Hubology was driven underground for a time, marshalling}
{12043}{}{its forces against the attacks of those who envied its}
{12044}{}{simplicity and ease of use for the common man. When at}
{12045}{}{last the Hubologists of that time struck back, they did}
{12046}{}{it in such a way that few could stand against them - they}
{12047}{}{infiltrated the organizations that sought to destroy them}
{12048}{}{and created "television" shows that sought to expose the}
{12049}{}{lies the government had fed the people.}
{12051}{}{This caused a subtle backlash against our religion. The}
{12052}{}{common man found reason to doubt Hubology because of }
{12053}{}{the distorted teachings of the media, and we had to wage}
{12054}{}{a long campaign against those who would call us crackpots.}
{12055}{}{During this time, sadly, the great Hub passed away.}
{12057}{}{Bolstered by the knowledge that The Hub had achieved}
{12058}{}{unity with the Star Father, helping to turn the cosmic}
{12059}{}{wheel in our direction, attaining another level of }
{12060}{}{consciousness, we remained confident in ourselves that}
{12061}{}{ours was the true way. Along the way, we gained }
{12062}{}{adherents, many of whom who simply wanted to believe }
{12063}{}{that there was a place out there that is better than }
{12064}{}{this world. We offer proof of life on other planets, }
{12065}{}{and a philosophy that allows us to understand the way }
{12066}{}{of the universe. People have come to us over the ages, }
{12067}{}{impressed by the rightness of our minds. And the fact }
{12068}{}{that we have survived the Great Deluge unscathed }
{12069}{}{teaches us that the Great Wheel turns toward our}
{12073}{}{Hubology contains a simple philosophy, culled from the}
{12074}{}{finest religious and philosophical minds of pre-Deluge}
{12075}{}{Earth - we believe that life, the universe, and}
{12076}{}{everything can best be symbolized by a turning wheel.}
{12077}{}{The outer rim of wheel contains those who do not}
{12078}{}{understand our teachings and who do not understand the}
{12079}{}{truth. We call them "rim meat", for the Wheel turns over}
{12080}{}{them and grinds them, and they do not appreciate its}
{12083}{}{Those who practice Hubology are the Spokes of the Wheel.}
{12084}{}{We understand the motion of the Wheel and do our best to}
{12085}{}{facilitate its turning. Those who control a portion of }
{12086}{}{the wheel are called Hubs - and as far as we know, there}
{12087}{}{have been only a few Hubs, enlightened individuals who }
{12088}{}{seek to better the lots of their fellow earthlings. We }
{12089}{}{refer to the founder of Hubology as THE Hub, for he is }
{12090}{}{the one with the most correct teaching.}
{12092}{}{In the practice of our religion, we simply apply scientific}
{12093}{}{techniques developed by the Hub and perfected by his }
{12094}{}{inheritors to align the flawed neurodynes that create }
{12095}{}{disharmony and an asymmetrical wheel. This allows us to}
{12096}{}{purify ourselves and prepare us for self-examination. It}
{12097}{}{is only through self-examination that we are able to}
{12098}{}{succeed, and only through self-examination that we}
{12099}{}{understand our place in the cosmos and on the Great }
{12100}{}{Wheel. It is only through self-examination that we }
{12101}{}{discover ourselves to be worthy of boarding the fiery }
{12102}{}{rings when they meet us on the planet Quetzel.}
{12104}{}{We think of ourselves as a religion combined with the best}
{12105}{}{scientific technique - scientific spirituality is what we}
{12106}{}{call it...and what we hope you'll be calling it before too}
{12109}{}{This is our creation story:}
{12110}{}{Aeons ago, all lived peacefully and in harmony with one }
{12111}{}{another. Body, mind, and spirit were joined in all }
{12112}{}{creatures, and the technology that existed boggled the}
{12113}{}{imaginations. It was a time of peace, creativity, and}
{12114}{}{alignment - and then the Dark Days came. Thrakazog the }
{12115}{}{Pot Hole began to teach mind-body dualism and the }
{12116}{}{sundering of the spirit, and war arose. The Great War }
{12117}{}{destroyed souls and bodies and scattered their remnants }
{12118}{}{across the universe. The Great Wheel came close to }
{12119}{}{separating from the axle of existence, its spokes broken }
{12120}{}{in the rut Thrakazog had created. A new life had to arise.}
{12122}{}{And arise it did, on the planet Terra, as on other planets}
{12123}{}{across the universe. (We focus mainly on the life that}
{12124}{}{arose on Terra, for while we blieve that we will once }
{12125}{}{again heal the sundered spokes of the Wheel with our }
{12126}{}{starry brothers, we must first concentrate on making }
{12127}{}{ourselves useful spokes.) This new life was polluted by}
{12128}{}{the soul-pieces of the dead. This led to hate and }
{12129}{}{misunderstanding, and wars raged across Terra's surface}
{12130}{}{until one day a visionary realized that the only way to}
{12131}{}{create peace, understanding, and enlightenment was to }
{12132}{}{cleanse these soul-pieces from the spirits of humanity.}
{12133}{}{That visionary was The Hub. His cleansing continues today.}
{12136}{}{AHS/Aligned Hub Seeker: The levels of enlightenment are }
{12137}{}{measured by the cleansing of your neurodynes, cleaning }
{12138}{}{out the base negative energy of your meat and }
{12139}{}{converting it to positive mental energy. When you have }
{12140}{}{achieved a strong enough level of zetan energy, you can }
{12141}{}{travel to Quetzel, or you can wait and hope that the }
{12142}{}{Uplifting will come during your lifetime.}
{12144}{}{Alignment : When a neurodyne is polluted and keeps a }
{12145}{}{seeker's Zeta levels down, we "align" the levels to the }
{12146}{}{universal Wheel by running a Zeta Scan on the affected }
{12147}{}{neurodyne, cleansing it of taint. Too much alignment too }
{12148}{}{quickly is harmful for the spirit, however.}
{12150}{}{Enlightenment: Enlightenment is the state achieved past }
{12151}{}{AHS-9 - when the seeker has gained so much knowledge he }
{12152}{}{becomes an integral part of the Great Wheel and leaves }
{12153}{}{this earthly existence behind. Some of the Enlightened }
{12154}{}{remain on Terra to guide the rest of us to a state of }
{12155}{}{grace, to show us how to get behind the Wheel of our own }
{12158}{}{Great Wheel: This refers to the cyclical nature of the }
{12159}{}{universe, space, and time. Everything is a part of the }
{12160}{}{Great Wheel. There are some who can take control of the }
{12161}{}{Wheel - or perhaps they simply understand the direction }
{12162}{}{in which it travels - and we call them gods, prophets, }
{12163}{}{and visionaries. Those who master the Great Wheel are }
{12164}{}{truly enlightened.}
{12166}{}{Neurodyne: Neurodynes are the stations of the spirit. }
{12167}{}{Ancient religions called them "shakras". They can be }
{12168}{}{polluted by soul-pieces and negative energy emanating }
{12169}{}{from oppressives.}
{12171}{}{Oppressives: Oppressives are those individuals who are }
{12172}{}{so full of negative energy and polluted soul-pieces that }
{12173}{}{they drag down those who seek enlightenment by their }
{12174}{}{very presence. They are to be avoided - many of them are }
{12175}{}{so polluted they do not recognize the value to be found }
{12176}{}{in a good cleansing, and they do their best to divert }
{12177}{}{the course of the Great Wheel.}
{12179}{}{Quetzel: The planet to which the Star Father will bring }
{12180}{}{us when we have become Optimized, where we will meet }
{12181}{}{with our starry brethren and join them on their flaming }
{12182}{}{wheels in the sky.}
{12184}{}{Rim Meat: A basic person, one who has not yet been }
{12185}{}{aligned to purify his neurodynes.}
{12187}{}{Star Father: Some would call the Star Father "god". We }
{12188}{}{prefer to think of the Star Father as the universal }
{12189}{}{force from which we draw our energy, and to which we }
{12190}{}{feed our energy in turn - again, a cyclical relationship.}
{12192}{}{Uplifting: The time when the Star Father calls us home }
{12193}{}{to Quetzel, where we meet our extra-terrestrial brethren }
{12194}{}{and move closer to the hub of the Great Wheel. Those who }
{12195}{}{have made an effort to understand and embrace the }
{12196}{}{words of the Hub, no matter their AHS levels, will be }
{12197}{}{invited to join the Star Father in the heavens on planet }
{12200}{}{Zeta Scan: Another word for "alignment", the Zeta Scan }
{12201}{}{helps to purify your neurodynes and clear your spirit. }
{12202}{}{It consists of a machine that runs massive doses of }
{12203}{}{electricity through your skin - this electricity has }
{12204}{}{been carefully formulated, to the exact volt, to the }
{12205}{}{amount of energy needed to drive the negative energy }
{12206}{}{from a neurodyne. By accepting a Zeta Scan, your course }
{12207}{}{is slightly corrected to be more in line with the }
{12208}{}{movement of the Wheel.}
{12211}{}{Books by The Hub}
{12212}{}{(There are hundreds and hundreds of books listed here, }
{12213}{}{including such titles as: Scientific Spirituality,}
{12214}{}{Battleground Quetzel, Star Father Above, Collected }
{12215}{}{Shopping Lists, Notes and Musings, How to Sue Your }
{12216}{}{Enemies Effectively, How to Create a Cult, and Future }
{12217}{}{Books to be Written When I'm Dead.)}

{13002}{}{Vault City went trough many incarnations. It was}
{13003}{}{designed by Leonard Boyarsky, Jason Anderson, Feargus}
{13004}{}{Urquhart, and Chris Avellone. Scott Everts built the}
{13005}{}{maps, and the brave men who scripted this architectural}
{13006}{}{Frankenstein were Rob Hertenstein III and Dan Spitzley.}
{13007}{}{And finally, Eric Pribish nearly gave his life testing}
{13008}{}{the monstrosity that is Vault City.}
{13010}{}{Chris would like to thank the following people who}
{13011}{}{helped during the production of Fallout 2: Rob, Scotty,}
{13012}{}{and Dan (of course), Eileen Suh, Sarah Smart, Emily}
{13013}{}{Yance, Thuy Dang (who I never thank for anything),}
{13014}{}{Chris Wright, and Tim Winkle.}
{13016}{}{Scotty would like to thank the following people: Don &}
{13017}{}{Aileen Everts and Avis Andre. And thanks to Bill}
{13018}{}{Bridges for all the cool Fading Suns books!}
{13020}{}{Dan would like to thank the following people:}
{13021}{}{Split Enz for the great tunes, James Cameron for}
{13022}{}{True Lies, Joe Viskocil for his kick-ass explosions,}
{13023}{}{Chong's at Triangle Square for keeping me fed, Carlos}
{13024}{}{Kotkin for finally taking the plunge (you'll be seeing}
{13025}{}{the premiere of his first feature film any day now),}
{13026}{}{Jon Land for the entertainingly unlikely Blaine}
{13027}{}{McCracken novels, Red Dwarf for laughs, and finally,}
{13028}{}{as always, Mom and Dad for bein' cool.}
{13030}{}{Rob Hertenstein would like to thank the following people:}
{13031}{}{Becky Warner (still trying to keep me out of trouble),}
{13032}{}{Billie Ryder (for keeping me sane throughout this}
{13033}{}{project), Little Ryder (who is supposed to arrive at}
{13034}{}{the same time this game does), and Nicole Roman (for}
{13035}{}{being there).}
{13037}{}{Eric Pribish would like to thank the following people:}
{13038}{}{Tommy Hood, Jr., Joe Isip and Julio Mata for not}
{13039}{}{disowning me when I had to ditch out on D&D. To my old}
{13040}{}{friends Brad and Dave Carnes for keeping in touch}
{13041}{}{(all these years). Lastly, but most important, I would}
{13042}{}{like to thank my loving girlfriend Rhonda Lauffer for}
{13043}{}{understanding all the long nights and weekends when}
{13044}{}{work took me away and for always being there for me}
{13045}{}{when I came home.}
{13047}{}{As a reward for defeating the Enclave, Chris, Scotty,}
{13048}{}{Rob, Dan, and Eric would like to take this opportunity}
{13049}{}{to tell you to go to the computer terminal in the upper}
{13050}{}{left corner of this level and use it.}
{13052}{}{Congratulations on saving the world. And thanks again}
{13053}{}{for playing Fallout 2.}

{14002}{}{WARNING: If Vault Citizens find it necessary to travel}
{14003}{}{outside of Vault City, they should keep the following}
{14004}{}{list of items on their person:}
{14006}{}{1. A supply of pre-packaged Vault City-issue rations.}
{14007}{}{ Never eat any food offered by an Outsider, as you}
{14008}{}{ introduce bacteria or radioactive particles into}
{14009}{}{ your system!}
{14011}{}{2. A geiger counter. Always be certain to monitor}
{14012}{}{ ambient radiation levels wherever you travel!}
{14014}{}{3. At least two stim-packs at all times. The slightest}
{14015}{}{ cut or nick could introduce harmful bacteria into}
{14016}{}{ your system!}
{14018}{}{REDDING: Small mining community located west of Vault}
{14019}{}{City. Redding trades gold ore for medical supplies}
{14020}{}{from Vault City. All Vault Citizens are encouraged}
{14021}{}{to exercise extreme caution when travelling inside}
{14022}{}{Redding, as the provincial miners are not strongly}
{14025}{}{POPULATION: A census is unavailable, but Redding is}
{14026}{}{believed to have hundreds of residents.}
{14027}{}{GOVERNMENT: Mayor and town council.}
{14028}{}{BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Current readings are}
{14030}{}{MUTATION RATE: Unknown, believed low.}
{14032}{}{NEW RENO: City southwest of Vault City. Trades gold}
{14033}{}{ore for medical supplies from Vault City. Reno}
{14034}{}{suffered little structural damage during the war}
{14035}{}{(though looting and property damage have taken their}
{14036}{}{toll), so many streets and buildings remain intact.}
{14037}{}{Warning! There is no central government and no law}
{14038}{}{enforcement. Gambling, prostitution, and chem use}
{14039}{}{are rampant. Vault Citizens are warned to avoid New}
{14040}{}{Reno at ALL costs!}
{14042}{}{POPULATION: No current census, but believed to be}
{14043}{}{several thousand..."people."}
{14044}{}{GOVERNMENT: New Reno presently exists in a state of}
{14045}{}{near-anarchy. According to reports, several "crime}
{14046}{}{families" have divided the city amongst themselves.}
{14047}{}{BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Current readings are}
{14049}{}{MUTATION RATE: Unknown, believed low.}
{14051}{}{NEW CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC: The territories of NCR are}
{14052}{}{located far to the south of Vault City. Trades}
{14053}{}{mechanical equipment, gold, and various surplus}
{14054}{}{products in exchange for Vault City medical technology.}
{14055}{}{NCR has recently stepped up efforts to absorb Vault}
{14056}{}{City as a border territory, so Vault Citizens should}
{14057}{}{exercise extreme caution when traveling to NCR.}
{14059}{}{POPULATION: Though a census has been conducted, we do}
{14060}{}{not have access to the figures. NCR is believed to have}
{14061}{}{many tens of thousands of people.}
{14062}{}{GOVERNMENT: President and a Congress.}
{14063}{}{BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Current readings are}
{14065}{}{MUTATION RATE: Varies amongst territories.}
{14067}{}{BROKEN HILLS: A mining community to the south of Vault}
{14068}{}{City that mines uranium ore. The ore is traded to Vault}
{14069}{}{City in exchange for medical supplies, mostly RadX and}
{14070}{}{RadAway. Humans are believed to be forced to live with}
{14071}{}{mutants and ghouls within the town. Due to the nature}
{14072}{}{of the inhabitants and the high probability of}
{14073}{}{contamination, Vault Citizens should avoid Broken Hills}
{14074}{}{at ALL costs!}
{14076}{}{POPULATION: No current census, bu believed to be in the}
{14077}{}{hundreds of residents.}
{14078}{}{GOVERNMENT: Rumor has it a MUTANT serves as the First}
{14079}{}{Citizen of this community. This is extremely unlikely,}
{14080}{}{as most mutants are incapable of higher reasoning. If}
{14081}{}{this rumor IS true, it is another reason to avoid}
{14082}{}{Broken Hills altogether.}
{14083}{}{BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Current readings are}
{14084}{}{unavailable. Believed high.}
{14085}{}{MUTATION RATE: Believed high. Broken Hills most likely}
{14086}{}{has a high rate of degenerative mutations.}
{14088}{}{VAULT CITY: This utopia is free from crimes and other}
{14089}{}{sociological ills that inflict the other communities}
{14090}{}{in Northern California. It has existed independent}
{14091}{}{since its emergence from Vault 8, and maintains a}
{14092}{}{thriving economy based on exporting medical technology}
{14093}{}{to Outsider communities in Northern California. All}
{14094}{}{Citizens are encouraged to remain in Vault City}
{14095}{}{whenever possible.}
{14097}{}{POPULATION: Current Census 103 Citizens.}
{14098}{}{GOVERNMENT: First Citizen and Council.}
{14099}{}{BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Files have been deleted,}
{14100}{}{missing the following strings: [-$Gecko-/-$Groundwater}
{14102}{}{MUTATION RATE: Files have been deleted, missing the}
{14103}{}{following strings: [-$Birthrate %-]}

{15002}{}{This disk is seems to filled with reports about NCR - }
{15003}{}{monthly production totals, caravan schedules, }
{15004}{}{security rosters, minutes of Congressional hearings, }
{15005}{}{secret council reports, diplomatic correspondence }
{15006}{}{from New Reno, Redding, and Vault City, even several }
{15007}{}{weeks worth of President Tandi's appointment schedule.}
{15008}{}{There's nothing here about Vault 13 or a GECK, though.}
{15009}{}{All the reports are addressed to Darion and are signed}

{16002}{}{We're Here! Why not join us?}
{16004}{}{There's a wonderful future ahead - and it could be }
{16005}{}{yours with the New California Republic!}
{16007}{}{But what is it, you want to know?}
{16009}{}{HOW BIG IS NCR?}
{16010}{}{Founded eighty years ago, the NCR is now comprised of }
{16011}{}{the states of Shady, Los Angeles, Maxson, Hub, and }
{16012}{}{Dayglow. Approximately 700,000 citizens are pleased }
{16013}{}{to call NCR home.}
{16016}{}{The New California Republic is dedicated to bringing }
{16017}{}{peace, security and justice to the people of the great}
{16018}{}{west. NCR's fine police forces constantly patrol and }
{16019}{}{arrest any raiders, cannibals, slaverd, and lawless }
{16020}{}{mutants within the country, and the NCR army valiantly}
{16021}{}{protects the borders against outside marauders. To }
{16022}{}{ensure justice and liberty, all citizens have access }
{16023}{}{to NCR's courts and the right to vote for a }
{16024}{}{representative of their choice to sit in the Hall of }
{16025}{}{Congress. In the words of President Tandi, }
{16026}{}{"A safe people is a strong people."}
{16028}{}{WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE?}
{16029}{}{NCR may be a bit different from what you're used to. }
{16030}{}{There are no chieftains, town bosses, kings, or }
{16031}{}{dictators here. Our leaders are elected by the people!}
{16032}{}{That's right -- every state has the right to send }
{16033}{}{representatives to the Hall of Congress. These }
{16034}{}{representatives select the President and }
{16035}{}{Vice-President to head the council and it is their }
{16036}{}{advice which guides the President's decisions. For }
{16037}{}{ten terms now, President Tandi has been the unanimous }
{16038}{}{choice of the council, who respect her wisdom and }
{16039}{}{foresight. }
{16042}{}{All law-abiding and peaceful people, human or mutant, }
{16043}{}{are eligible to become citizens of NCR. To become a }
{16044}{}{citizen all you have to do is move to NCR and present }
{16045}{}{your claim for immigration. After citizenship training}
{16046}{}{and processing your application, you will be notified}
{16047}{}{of your new status as a PC (Provisional Citizen). From}
{16048}{}{there, it's only a short step to full citizenship!}
{16050}{}{Of course, NCR is not for everybody - slavers, }
{16051}{}{unreformed mutants, known raiders, and other }
{16052}{}{undesirables need not apply! }
{16055}{}{Depending on where your town is located, NCR does }
{16056}{}{accept petitions by villages, towns, bases, }
{16057}{}{city-states, even minor kingdoms for annexation by }
{16058}{}{NCR. Once the petition is accepted, NCR will grant }
{16059}{}{your town territorial status. Once the needed police }
{16060}{}{and army presence is established and any banditry or }
{16061}{}{other lawlessness has been dealt with, your village }
{16062}{}{can apply for full statehood in the NCR. It's that }
{16065}{}{So remember - WE'RE HERE. WHY NOT JOIN US?}
{16067}{}{Prepared by the New California Relations Advisory Panel}
{16069}{}{NCRAP Pub. #A7-7893b}
{16070}{}{This page was intentionally left blank.}

{17000}{}{First Citizen Lynette;}
{17002}{}{The courier has delivered the disk you sent. You were }
{17003}{}{correct, of course. The information should prove most }
{17004}{}{useful at the next council debate. With what you have }
{17005}{}{sent me I'm certain I can hinder, if not thwart, any }
{17006}{}{further attempts at an NCR/New Reno Alliance. }
{17008}{}{ I can only assure you that if given my way as I }
{17009}{}{expect, there will be no more interference or }
{17010}{}{provocation by the NCR in any of Vault City's affairs.}
{17011}{}{I, for one, respect your sovereignty, and do not agree}
{17012}{}{with the troublemakers who wish to deprive our }
{17013}{}{innocent neighbors of their freedoms. }
{17015}{}{Your friend and ally,}
{17016}{}{Roger Westin}

# State of the Nation
{18000}{}{Memo: State of the Nation}
{18001}{}{From: President Dick Richardson}
{18002}{}{To: The People of this Great Nation}
{18003}{}{Subject: The State of the Union Address}
{18005}{}{Fellow Americans, I have been honored to be the steward}
{18006}{}{that will take the American people back to the mainland}
{18007}{}{to reclaim the United States for its own citizens. We }
{18008}{}{will be the first generation free of the mutant threat }
{18009}{}{in over one hundred years.}
{18011}{}{It's been a long wait, and the work that has made this }
{18012}{}{possible has been difficult. At times it seemed }
{18013}{}{impossible, however through the brave and tireless }
{18014}{}{efforts of our own head of the Chemical Corps, Dr. }
{18015}{}{Charles Curling, the hour of our salvation is now at }
{18018}{}{Brave, steadfast, blah, blah, blah. Jeez, does anyone }
{18019}{}{really listen to this stuff?}
{18021}{}{--Notes to self-}
{18022}{}{1) Go on like this for a bit to cover Curling's project.}
{18023}{}{2) Tell everyone how steadfast, etc., they are}
{18024}{}{ Yadda, yadda, yadda}
{18026}{}{Be sure to make a plug for reelection.}
{18028}{}{Remember NOT to hug my intern on the way down from the}
{18031}{}{Important: Finish writing this soon. We'll be able to }
{18032}{}{gas those damn mutants any week now if Curling's report}
{18033}{}{is correct.}

# Word List
{19000}{}{Memo: Word List}
{19001}{}{From: Vice-President Daniel Bird}
{19002}{}{To: Me}
{19003}{}{Subject: My Word List}
{19005}{}{Difficult Words:}
{19011}{}{To be prepared}
{19016}{}{Words to Change:}
{19022}{}{To be prepared}
{19024}{}{Jackelope-make this the new national mascot (is this }
{19025}{}{an American creature?)}

# The Project
{20000}{}{Memo: The Projects, Quarterly Status Brief}
{20001}{}{From: Lt. Col., Dr Charles Curling, U.S. Chemical Corps.}
{20002}{}{To: Cabinet}
{20003}{}{Subject: Project near reaching full operational status.}
{20005}{}{It is my honor, and happy privilege, to report the near}
{20006}{}{completion of The Project. After years of work, we've }
{20007}{}{managed to isolate the most toxic elements of the F.E.V.}
{20008}{}{virus. Some of the only recently decoded information}
{20009}{}{that we retrieved from the abandoned military base on the}
{20010}{}{mainland has been instrumental in advancing our research.}
{20012}{}{We've discovered that the F.E.V. virus was not originally}
{20013}{}{designed to be used as an agent for the creation of super-}
{20014}{}{soldiers. Initially, it appears, the F.E.V. was }
{20015}{}{designed as a virulent toxin. Only later was the F.E.V.}
{20016}{}{virus manipulated in an attempt to create super-soldiers.}
{20018}{}{By backtracking somewhat in our research, and with the}
{20019}{}{help of the additional information from the military }
{20020}{}{base's records, we've been able to turn our version of }
{20021}{}{the F.E.V. (F.E.V. Curling-13) into a far more toxic }
{20024}{}{Final tests conducted on the vault-descendant subjects,}
{20025}{}{from the village "Arroyo," have shown a survival rate}
{20026}{}{of zero-percent, with most deaths occurring within }
{20027}{}{one-hour of exposure to a .0001% aerosol solution. By }
{20028}{}{contrast, the subjects extracted from Vault 13 tend }
{20029}{}{to suffer subdural hemorrhaging and convulsions within }
{20030}{}{one-hour of exposure, with death not occurring, on }
{20031}{}{average, for another 14.5-hours.}
{20033}{}{In either case, the F.E.V.'s toxicity levels are now }
{20034}{}{sufficient to insure a "clean-sweep" of all infested }
{20035}{}{(i.e. non-Enclave) locales. Current releasable levels }
{20036}{}{of F.E.V. Curling-13 show a 95% probability of .00007%}
{20037}{}{average saturation. While the consensus of the Chemical}
{20038}{}{Corps is that this would be a sufficient level to insure}
{20039}{}{the success of the Project, we believe that it is worth}
{20040}{}{waiting until we can accumulate enough F.E.V. toxin to}
{20041}{}{reach our .0001% saturation and 99.5% extermination }
{20042}{}{level goal.}
{20044}{}{Current F.E.V. Curling-13, production levels show that}
{20045}{}{we'll reach our release goal, of 250,000 gallons, within}
{20046}{}{six weeks.}
{20048}{}{Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen, our long years of}
{20049}{}{work are nearly at an end.}
{20050}{}{God bless America.}

# Power Plant Operations
{21000}{}{Memo: A.E.C., Status Brief}
{21001}{}{From: Tom Murray, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission}
{21002}{}{To: Cabinet}
{21003}{}{Subject: Danger of overdependence upon central computer }
{21004}{}{for all reactor control.}
{21006}{}{NOTE to the CABINET: I hate to be a nag by bringing }
{21007}{}{this up all the time, but I cannot overemphasize the }
{21008}{}{importance of diversifying our Atomic Powerplant's }
{21009}{}{control systems. Here's my official report. I think that}
{21010}{}{once you read it, you'll understand why we need to have }
{21011}{}{a backup system.}
{21014}{}{Atomic Energy Reactor Regulator}
{21016}{}{Vault-Tec's new Uranium Nuclear Reactor has been working}
{21017}{}{to top efficiency so far. With the state of the art }
{21018}{}{computer systems that were made specifically for the }
{21019}{}{task of regulating the coolant temperature as well as }
{21020}{}{many other key functions, we are able to allow the }
{21021}{}{reactor to run with minimal supervision.}
{21023}{}{The new Synchronic multi-processors that we had built}
{21024}{}{into the tri-processor motherboard are able to multitask}
{21025}{}{the coolant temperature, the intake of cool sea water,}
{21026}{}{the outtake of expended coolant and waste from the }
{21027}{}{reactions, and the regulation of the neutron bombardment}
{21028}{}{upon the uranium. Without the computer systems, the }
{21029}{}{reactor would go out of balance almost immediately, }
{21030}{}{causing a chain-reaction bombardment of the uranium }
{21031}{}{isotopes. Within two hours, or less, this would result}
{21032}{}{in a nuclear explosion equivalent in the 100-kiloton}
{21035}{}{The sum of the main portions of the reactor are placed}
{21036}{}{underwater, beneath the station. This arrangement }
{21037}{}{allows the ocean's natural temperature to keep the }
{21038}{}{exterior cooler. Seawater, from 500 meters, is pumped }
{21039}{}{into the coolant chamber. A portion of the cool seawater}
{21040}{}{is diverted to the containment unit, where the core and}
{21041}{}{control rods are. There, it circulates through the core,}
{21042}{}{becoming heated from the nuclear reaction taking place. }
{21043}{}{The seawater reaches the boiling point and the resulting}
{21044}{}{steam is used to turn the turbine generator to create }
{21045}{}{all of our electricity. The steam then condenses and }
{21046}{}{returns to a filter tank. The cleansed water is entered}
{21047}{}{back into a preparation tank, ready to start the cycle }
{21048}{}{all over again.}
{21050}{}{Severely radiated water, and miscellaneous toxic }
{21051}{}{materials, are pumped out of the station through a }
{21052}{}{waste-conduit, terminating one mile to the south. }
{21053}{}{Reports from our survey crews state that our effluvia}
{21054}{}{drifts down the coast of southern California and Mexico,}
{21055}{}{causing irreversible ecological damage. Many of the }
{21056}{}{beaches are now saturated with toxic waste, and highly}
{21057}{}{radiated sea life. Fortunately, this doesn't effect us.}
{21059}{}{In any case, if our reactor is shut down, we do have }
{21060}{}{some backup batteries that can be used to power vital }
{21061}{}{systems throughout the Enclave until power is restored.}
{21062}{}{However, these do not include extraneous and high energy }
{21063}{}{items such as forcefields. Also, as a safety precaution,}
{21064}{}{certain watertight doors throughout the station, will }
{21065}{}{close when power is reduced (to prevent flooding in case }
{21066}{}{of an emergency). This will restrict movement through the}
{21067}{}{station but movement to the top of the station is still}
{21068}{}{possible, through alternate routes.}
{21070}{}{The real problem is that if the computer is}
{21071}{}{shut down or destroyed, unlikely though both of those }
{21072}{}{events may be, the reactor will go critical to the point}
{21073}{}{of meltdown within two-hours. We need to install some}
{21074}{}{sort of a human-maintained backup system. I know that}
{21075}{}{you may think I'm an alarmist for bringing up these }
{21076}{}{provisions for an unthinkable event, however it always}
{21077}{}{pays to be prepared.}
{21079}{}{In the meantime, let's just make sure no one blows up our}
{21080}{}{computer (hah, hah).}
{21082}{}{Yours, Tom Murray, Chairman, A.E.C.}


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