Overseer's Log - Fort Defiance

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Overseer's Log - Fort Defiance
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Overseer's Log - Fort Defiance is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Fort Defiance: The holotape is inside the Overseers Chest on the fourth floor next to the elevator.



Overseer's log. Fort Defiance.

The more I travel this godsforsaken "Wasteland," the more I realize what truly destroyed West Virginia. And what destroyed any chance the survivors had of... actually surviving. Mistrust. All these divergent groups... Responders, Brotherhood of Steel, whatever. Separately, they had everything necessary to beat the odds. Brains, brawn, and bravado to spare. And what did they do? Close ranks. Get paranoid. Refuse to work with one another. And it cost them all their lives.

People of Vault 76, if you're listening... DO NOT fall into the same trap. You find each other. You work with each other. Only TOGETHER will you win. This is your Overseer.

And I'm begging you, please... Save our country.

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