Overseer's Log - Allegheny

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Overseer's Log - Allegheny
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Overseer's Log - Allegheny is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Fort Defiance: The note is inside the Overseers Chest on the third floor with the crafting stations, opposite the elevator.



The Overseer: Overseer's log. Allegheny.

A mental asylum as a last stand against the Scorched. Brave, crazy, and crazy-brave, the Army way... At least, I'm pretty sure the Brotherhood had former US Army members judging by the security systems.

If only they had survived. What I wouldn't give to have a few of America's finest watching my back right now. As it is, I'll have to find out how they were planning to combat the Scorched on my own. Once I can figure out a way through these doors...

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