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For an overview of raider armor throughout the Fallout series, see Raider armor.
Overboss power armor
Overboss power armor.png
Item HPSee below
WeightSee belowValueSee below
1 Steel
VariantsRaider power armor
Base IDxx00dc29 (helmet)
xx00dc2b (torso)
xx00dc27 (left arm)
xx00dc28 (right arm)
xx00dc2c (left leg)
xx00dc2a (right leg)

The Overboss power armor is a unique set of raider power armor in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


This crude set of power armor is the personal power armor suit of the raider overboss at Nuka-World; in 2287, the title and armor belong to Colter.


This suit is vastly more protective than a normal suit of raider, sitting somewhere between T-60 and X-01 power armor in terms of damage resistances. The torso also has the unique ability of dealing energy damage to nearby enemies. While Colter wears the suit, he draws power from the arena during the fight, rendering him immune to all forms of damage unless he is attacked with the Thirst Zapper, whereby the armor short circuits and he is vulnerable for several seconds.

Individual components

Type Piece Protection Hit points Weight Value
Ballistic damage Energy damage Radiation
Raider armor Helmet 220 220 150 80 14 80
Torso 320 320 300 320 22 180
Arm 170 170 150 80 16 130
Leg 170 170 150 80 17 130