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Out in Left Field
Quest data
LocationDiamond City
Westing Estate
Given ByMoe Cronin
Reward1000 Caps
Experience points
Editor IDFFDiamondCity06
Base ID00035d03

Out in Left Field is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Secrets do not last long, even after the Great War, especially when it comes to valuable signed baseball paraphernalia.


  1. Moe Cronin from Diamond City, will ask for the Sole Survivor to retrieve a signed baseball card, catcher's mitt, and baseball for his personal collection.
  2. It is discovered that these items are being held at the Westing Estate, which is revealed to be infested by a rather large den of mirelurk.
  3. After retrieving these items, return to Cronin, in which he will reward the Sole Survivor very well.

Quest stages

10 Find a Signed BaseballMoe Cronin in Diamond City wants me to find three baseball relics said to have been left behind in the old Westing Estate.
20 Find a Signed Catcher's Mitt
30 Find a Signed Baseball Card
40 Return to Moe Cronin
50 I've recovered all the baseball relics for Moe Cronin. Time to collect my reward.
100Quest finishedI recovered a set of baseball relics for Moe Cronin in Diamond City.
500Quest failedMoe Cronin is dead. Whatever reward he would've given me for those baseball relics is gone with him.


The signed items count as quest items, and cannot be sold as an alternative to completing the quest normally. Because of this, the items also do not weigh the Sole Survivor down, and all have a weight of 0.

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