Order of Mysteries - Production Log No. 209

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Order of Mysteries - Production Log No. 209
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Order of Mysteries - Production Log No. 209 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Frederick Rivers, Production Log, #209.

This whole thing still amazes me sometimes. Take Cryptos. I needed a mainframe to run Shannon's training room. My buddy Zack at RobCo had a mothballed old DIA project he wanted to unload.
 I didn't give a damn about the price. It looked impressive. And it's been one hell of a machine.

The girls have done a fantastic job collecting intel over the years.

Rachel, Janet, and I spent the last two weeks pruning the database down, and we've still got more leads than we know what to do with. Oh. Rachel had an idea for an automated query system for mission assignments. I took a look at her code. Nice piece of work. I think our old mainframe's in good hands.

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