Order of Mysteries - Infirmary Log

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Order of Mysteries - Infirmary Log
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Order of Mysteries - Infirmary Log is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




This is the Infirmary log for Tuesday, September 17th. Mistress Natasha Hunt reporting.
We have two active cases.
Alexis is in critical condition following the accident in the Hall of Trials earlier today.
I've done my best to stabilize her, but I'm no surgeon. She's lost a lot of blood. If she goes into shock... there's not much we can do.
Laura is still recovering from bone worms. Her bloodwork is clean, but I've recommended light duty for the next two weeks.
There was one minor incident today: Olivia commandeered an entire bag of Stimpaks and took off without a word.
I've put in a complaint, but... Headmistress' daughter and all. She never changes.

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