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Order Up
Quest data
LocationDrumlin Diner
Given ByTrudy
Editor IDDialogueDrumlinDiner
Base ID001069a9

Order Up is a quest that can be obtained in the game Fallout 4.


The Sole Survivor, comes across a pre-War diner that is being occupied by a mother and her son. They appear to be in conflict with a local chem dealer, and are sure to begin firing on each other without outside influence.


  1. Upon arrival at Drumlin Diner, the Sole Survivor will witness an incident between a diner owner and her son, and a chem dealer and his bodyguard.
  2. Upon intervening in this incident, it is discovered that Trudy’s son had become dependent on chems, all of which were sold by Wolfgang (the chem dealer), and now Wolfgang has come to collect the debt that the son had accrued from said drug dependency.
  3. Trudy refuses to pay Wolfgang, and without intervention, the two will erupt into a firefight (Wolfgang and his bodyguard will win this fight without hostile intervention from the Sole Survivor). After speaking with both parties, a number of options open up:
  4. Trudy can be convinced to pay the son's debt to Wolfgang, ending the encounter relatively peacefully.
  5. Wolfgang and his bodyguard can be killed for Trudy, in which she will reward the Sole Survivor.
  6. Trudy and her son can be killed for Wolfgang, in which he will collect the debt from their corpses, and will reward the Sole Survivor with a portion of his collection.
  7. After settling the disagreement, any surviving party will open their wares for the Sole Survivor at a slight discount.

Quest stages

10 Talk to Trudy
20 Kill Trudy
25 Kill Patrick
30 Kill Wolfgang
35 Kill Simone
70 Wolfgang over at the Drumlin Diner says Trudy owes him money she won't pay. He's offering me a reward if I resolve their disagreement.
75 Trudy, the owner of the Drumlin Diner, is offering me a reward if I kill Wolfgang, a local chem dealer who got her son addicted to Jet.
100 Talk to Wolfgang
200 Talk to Trudy
1000 Trudy and her son are dead. Wolfgang will be happy about this.
2000 Wolfgang and his friend are dead. Trudy should be happy about this.
2100 I managed to frighten Wolfgang and his friend off. Trudy, the owner of the Drumlin Diner, will be happy now that they're gone.
3000 I convinced Trudy to pay off Wolfgang. He'll be pleased to hear about this.
4000Quest finishedI put an end to the conflict between Trudy and Wolfgang at the Drumlin Diner. (Side with Trudy)
5000Quest finishedI put an end to the conflict between Trudy and Wolfgang at the Drumlin Diner. (Side with Wolfgang)
6000Quest failedEveryone in the Drumlin Diner is dead. Whatever mess these people had gotten themselves into doesn't matter now.
6100Quest failedI've attacked everyone at the Drumlin Diner. Whatever problems they had hardly matter now.
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