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Operators logo.png
TypeRaider gang
GovernanceMob-like structure, with a pair of mob bosses at the top
LeadershipWilliam Black and Mags Black
StructureWell-organized mercenary unit
Notable MembersLizzie Wyath (inventor)
HeadquartersNuka-World, The Parlor
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesThe Pack

Skill. Discretion. Caps. The Raider gang known as the "Operators" hold all three in highest regard.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

The Operators are a raider gang operating out of Nuka-World in 2287.


A raider outfit founded by Lizzie Wyath, William Black, and Mags Black following their expulsion from Diamond City,[1], the Operators are seemingly the most civilized of the three raider gangs at Nuka-World. While they lack the unrestrained determination of The Pack or the savagery of the Disciples, the Operators compensate for either advantage with ruthlessness and cold professionalism. There are three things they value most of all: skill, discretion, and caps.[2]


The Operators are a well-run raider outfit, headed by two people: Mags and William Black. Of the two, Mags is the senior leader, with William deferring to his sister in decision making.[3] Beyond simply organizing the Operators, Mags also handles jobs, contacting prospective clients and assigning them to members of the gang (or the Overboss, if they so wish).[4] Lizzie Wyath, while also a founding member, is content to sit on the sidelines and come up with new solutions to the various problems the gang encounters in the course of its operations.[5]

When it comes to jobs, The Operators like to get their way by any means necessary. Bloodshed is perfectly acceptable, although the Operators value skill above brute force. Their methods rely on intimidation, subterfuge, and determination.[6] Gas grenades, silenced weapons, and other discreet tools are valued among members of the gang, as they improve profit margins. After all, the only thing that matters to the Operators is money.[7]

However, that doesn't mean they are above clashing with other gangs. While there is a formal alliance between the three gangs sharing Nuka-World, the Operators despise the other gangs and routinely prey on their member, although neither Nisha nor Mason have evidence to prove their involvement.[8]


Like other gangs in Nuka-World, the primary weapon of the Operators is the handmade rifle. However, while the Pack prefers close combat variants and the Disciples focus on automatic modifications, Operator rifles are modified for long range engagements and sniping. Marksmen stocks and barrels are a common feature on all of their weapons. For protection, the Operators wear a variant of metal armor, forged into elegant shapes. The final piece of the Operator ensemble is provided by the clothes worn underneath - a single-breasted, slim fitted suit with a golden geometric pattern.[9]

The Operators also have a well developed chemical laboratory. Unlike the Pack, they use theirs to manufacture ammunition and various chemical substances to make their operations easier.[10][11]

Interactions with the player character


The Operators appear only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.



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