Operation Summary - Blackwell

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Operation Summary - Blackwell
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Operation Summary - Blackwell is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Commencing op summary, Agent Grey reporting. Blackwell won't be causing anymore problems.

The bypass holotape got me into the bunker as expected ... though a longer range is recommended for future models. Essentially had to play the thing standing on top of the access panel to get it to work. Without the lures to distract those... freaks, I might be dead instead of the Senator. Once inside, I was briefly halted by Blackwell's laser grid, but resetting the power allowed me to grant myself clearance.

Recovery of the access card to our facility was... less successful. I found a keypad, but was unable to decipher the code. Recommend sending in a specialist to collect it.

I'm proceeding to the next target, after which I'll... Wait... what happened to the power? ... the lures!

  • roar* Oh god.
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