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Open Season
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Quest data
LocationNuka-Town USA
Given ByMackenzie Bridgeman
Preston Garvey
RewardAccess to the Nuka-World power plant
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Open Season is a quest in Nuka-World.


In order to free the people of Nuka-World, the Sole Survivor is asked to wipe out the raider leadership. With them gone, the entire area will descend into chaos as the raiders destroy one another.


  1. Talk to Mackenzie Bridgeman or Preston Garvey.
  2. Hunt down the heads of the hydra: Mags Black, William Black, Mason, and Nisha.
    1. Be warned that once one raider underboss dies, every single raider in Nuka-Town USA will become hostile dozens upon dozens of them will gang up on you, so be prepared to handle them all. This is not a quest to take on under-supplied.
  3. Once they're gone, return to Mackenzie to tell her that everyone is free to go.


  • This quest activates a miscellaneous objective to turn on power for Nuka-World.

Quest stages

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