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One of Us
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Quest data
LocationWhitespring Congressional Bunker, Sugar Grove, Radio Astronomy Research Center
Editor IDEN02_MQ_Us
Base ID000293a3
Related quests
Bunker Buster
leads to:
Officer on Deck

One of Us is a quest in Fallout 76.


After demonstrating their resourcefulness and tenacity by gaining access to the Whitespring Congressional Bunker (becoming a Bunker Buster), the Vault 76 dweller is offered the opportunity to join an elite organization, an... Enclave of the finest minds in America, by the governing intelligence of the Bunker, MODUS.


  • The quest starts automatically after entering the bunker. MODUS will compliment the player on their tenacity and invite them into the bunker, opening the main doors. The honeyed words of the strangely emotionless AI will encourage the player to go deeper into the bunker.
  • The first stop at the bunker is just beyond the locker room, where MODUS will decontaminate the player and remove all radiation for free, then ask them to pose for a photo for its records. The comments are based on the Charisma score and range from grudging acceptance ("You are as God made you, we suppose...") to praising the "Jeffersonian" profile.
  • The next stop is down through the corridor - the laser barrier will not lower until the player takes the photo - and MODUS will offer a free bottle of purified water and a processed food package as "refreshments". Then the player is asked to proceed to the MODUS chamber, where the AI will introduce itself and give a brief rundown on what the Enclave was.
  • If the player wants to join, they are asked to proceed down the corridor left of the terminal, to the Guest Orientation room. MODUS will ask them to fill out a questionnaire on the terminals, to determine the player's fitness. If the player wants to skip it, then all they have to do is interact with the nearby MODUS terminal.
    • The questionnaire has little impact on the quest, apart from MODUS commenting on the player's performance.
  • Either way, MODUS will ask the player to start work on reconnecting it to the world at large, after its connections were severed. The first step requires linking it up with the Sugar Grove intelligence and surveillance network.
  • Fighting through the robots at Sugar Grove can be challenging, even with the amount of cover at hand. The goal lies inside the bunker and the SigInt room, where the player has to insert the holotape dispensed by MODUS at the bunker into any of the terminals. MODUS will take control of the facility's connections, but in doing so will trip the alarms, leading to two waves of rather aggressive robots coming down into the bunker.
  • After the robots are disposed of, the player simply has to collect the data for MODUS from the dispenser located in the first office on the right, in the corridor by the security checkpoint that led to the bunker.
  • The data has to be returned to MODUS, which will proceed into the final phase of the quest: Connecting to Kovac-Muldoon, an orbiting station trained on Appalachia. The player is given a satellite uplink and a simple order: Find one of the uplink sites and set it up, so that MODUS can connect...