One Last Score

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One Last Score
GenreFolk song
Authors and performers
RadioNuka-World Radio

One Last Score is a song composed by RedEye, performed live by him on Nuka-World Radio.


Well I've been told it's in our blood
Under our skin and all that mud
Doesn't matter if I'm buried in stuff
I just can't ever get enough

I need one last score
I could be sittin' on a throne of caps
And still need one last score
It ain't about the haul, could just be scraps

Well I've seen guys lose their mind
Just trying to hold
On to too much trash
They're convinced is gold
But I can help 'em out by lightening their stash
Just by being a good neighbor And pulling in that cash

I need one last score
I can clean clear-out a whole damned town
And still need one last score
Take anything that ain't nailed down

See it ain't really about
All the stuff I steal
It's more about this notion,
This grand ideal
That I can take whatever, whoever, whenever I please
But sometimes this starts to feel like a disease
Cause I can't control it,
Like an itch that I can't scratch
All that I can do is just add to my stash
I know it won't cure me
But what else can I do
I ain't got anything else to turn to

I need one last score
Maybe that'll make this go away
Just one more score
And I can maybe rest easy someday