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Big Sal
FoundedMr. House
Notable MembersCachino
Big Sal
Carlitos Wayne (formerly)
Notable LocationsNew Vegas Strip
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesSlither Kin (formerly)

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The Omertas are a faction in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Prior to being recruited by Mr. House, the Omertas were a wasteland tribe known as the Slither Kin. A tribe known for the practice of luring unsuspecting travelers into their camps before drugging them, then murdering or enslaving them, sometimes holing up in a stronghold for years, other times leading a nomadic existence in restless pursuit of their next big score. The Omertas have just one rule: never betray the family. Everything else is permitted. Apparently the viciousness of the Slither Kin appealed to Mr. House by reminding him of certain criminal elements that once operated in pre-War Las Vegas.[1]

The Omertas control the Gomorrah casino, a sleazy vice den on a grand scale, and as such embodies the ruthless exploitation blanketed by the glitz and glamour of the Strip's neon signs. They also control all prostitution that goes on around the casino. Male residents at The Tops remark that 'the broads over at the Gomorrah look better'.

While by outside appearances the Omertas seem content with their lot, the family's penchant for treachery and murder is alive and well, and the tribe's leadership is collaborating with Caesar's Legion to bring about the Strip's downfall.[2]


The Omertas and the Gomorrah casino are run by Nero and his right hand man, Big Sal. Cachino is a small time "underboss" within the family and is put in charge of menial tasks, as well as anything that the head of the family needs taken care of that they don't have time to see to themselves.

As the Omerta name suggests, they do not readily give out information, or go into detail about the family's dealings with anyone not of the family. In fact, their only official internal rule says: "Never betray the family." Breaking this code of silence is dealt with, swiftly and severely. Any other kinds of amoral behavior amongst the members is freely accepted, especially if they are profitable.

The Omertas are obsessed with power and the ability to control people to meet their needs. They are also very adept at finding ways to squeeze a quick cap or two out of any situation. This is evident in the fact that they get their new "employees" hooked on free chems, and then start charging for each additional fix[3] while simultaneously taking a cut of the caps the "employee" has earned. Keeping the prostitutes hooked on chems keeps them dependent on the Omertas, and keeps them under their employ while ensuring they remain docile and manageable.

Outside relations

The Omertas only care about protecting or improving the power they have at their command. Showing a facade that they appear to be perfectly content running the Gomorrah, the Omertas have entered into an agreement with Caesar's Legion to attack The Strip at the same time the Legion makes their assault on Hoover Dam. Putting more stock in Legion propaganda than the management practices of Mr. House, and wanting to use the Legion to springboard their power base, coupled with their confidence that the second Battle of Hoover Dam will draw the attention of Mr. House's Securitrons, the Omertas believe they will have no problem taking over The Strip.

The Omertas make sure to stay away from dealings with the New California Republic, (despite their best customers being troopers and citizens of the NCR), feeling like the institution of NCR laws and taxation will have a severe hindrance on how they conduct business.

The Omertas don't have any other business or exposure to the other tribes and factions of the Mojave Wasteland, it is mentioned by the Gomorrah receptionist, and Papa Khan that the Omertas along with the rest of what was to become the Three Families, had a war with the Great Khans. The end result was the Khans being driven from the ruins of Las Vegas to the northeast to settle Bitter Springs, thus ensuring that the tribes Mr. House had hired, could begin the renovation of Vegas.

Interactions with the player character

Main article: How Little We Know

The way to come across the Omertas is through the main storyline. Various organizations ask the Courier to get in contact with the Omertas at some point and ask around to know what the family has been up to.


The Omertas pack some heavy heat in order to protect their financial interests. These assets include combat knives, high-caliber revolvers and submachine guns, 12 gauge sawed-off and automatic shotguns, and Nero himself sports an assault carbine.


The Omertas appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Omertà is the code of silence in Sicilian/Italian crime organizations.


  1. The Courier: "You recruited the Omertas as one of the Three Families?"
    Robert House: "Yes, though at the time they called themselves the "Slither Kin." A vicious clan, not that that's changed, exactly. They were nomads, capable fighters, but their specialty was betrayal. They'd invite travelers into their yurts, drug them, murder or enslave them. They took pride in their craft. I don't think Omertas saw other people as people at all. Everyone else was just... prey. They reminded me of a certain criminal element Vegas used to attract. I told them some stories, gave them some clothes - and they ran with it."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  2. Robert House: "Your next assignment won't take you far. It concerns the Omertas and their den of vice, Gomorrah. As the decisive encounter between the bull and the bear looms close, my concerns about the Omertas have grown. I've never expected loyalty, mind you. A reliably underhanded tribe is just as constant to deal with as one that always run true. But that's just it - lately the Omertas' cooperative silence has been deafening. Not a single complaint? They're up to something."
    (Robert House's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "Wouldn't you make more money working on the Strip?"
    Sweetie: "I got my start at the Gomorrah, good money, but I saw how those Omertas hook girls on free Jet or Med-X - then start charging. Slavery through a needle is what that is. I earn less out here, but I keep more."
    (Sweetie's dialogue)