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Olney Powerworks
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Map MarkerNone (local: )
Other ExitsOld Olney S. Wilson Building
QuestsShock Value
Cell NameDLC03Powerworks01
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TerminalsOlney Powerworks terminals
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Olney Powerworks is a unmarked location in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


It is an old power plant in the Old Olney sewers. It was owned before the Great War by PPE. It houses a Tesla coil, a highly unorthodox method of electricity production.


After going through the Old Olney S. Wilson Building, head up the stairs. On the left is a door connected to a very-hard locked terminal which leads directly to a small lab that houses the main Tesla coil. If one can't unlock this door, they must go right and into a generator room guarded by sentry bots. This room connects to a storage area with a workbench. Up some stairs is a hard-locked door that opens to a short hallway with six radiation emitters. Fortunately, these emitters are currently defunct and unable to purge radiation.

The hallway leads to a room filled with vats of arching electricity. Through another hard-locked door is orange lit hallway with computer servers on all walls. On the left is a blast door guarded by automated turrets and to the right is the door that leads to the main laboratory. The main feature is the Tesla coil in the center of the room; other small rooms are on the side of the room and are conducting electrical experiments. A doorway leads downstairs to where one can actually access the Tesla coil. In the same hallway, there is ladder which leads back up to Old Olney.

Notable loot

  • Three bundles of 12 alien power cells. One can be found on each of the following: the stove, the table next to the stove and the table with the glowing plasma ball in the room at the bottom of the pit where the Tesla Coil is found.
  • Two bundles of 9 alien power cells can be found in the room past the Tesla coil (upstairs), in two ammo boxes above the Mark IV turrets.
  • The hallway can be noted by the many servers along the walls and the two mark VI turrets at the end. At the very end of this hall, on both the left and right of the turrets, there are tiny alien spaceship playground models with arrows on the side of their stands pointing upward. Look above each of these to find two ammunition boxes on shelves, they contain the alien power cells. There are considerably more alien power cells (around 45) with the Scrounger perk, so having this perk is recommended to reap the largest amount of this rare ammunition.

Related quests


  • There are 36 Metro tickets stacked in a pyramid with an eight ball on top located in the lower right portion of the map.
  • In the bottom center of the map, past a corridor, a garden gnome and a teddy bear have been posed playing chess with milk bottles and beers as chess pieces. The gnome has a cigarette in its mouth, and a micro-sized "smoke" graphic is placed at the end.
  • A second smoking gnome can be found in the room with the fail-safe computer.
  • A series of hard-difficulty terminals can be used to disable the sentry bots found throughout the building and also to vent radiation from a contaminated corridor.
  • The emergency exit ladder near the Tesla coil leads to a manhole just north of Old Olney and northeast of Vault 92. Examining the outside of the manhole before having exited through it will show "Requires Key", but it will become automatically unlocked once the player exits from the Olney Powerworks side of it.


Olney Powerworks appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.