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Old Gullet Sinkhole
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Part ofMalden
QuestsFallen Hero
Cell NameOldGulletSinkholeExt
OldGulletSinkhole01 (interior)
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The Old Gullet Sinkhole is a location in the Commonwealth.


This recently created sinkhole is the den of a deathclaw. A pack of feral ghouls inhabit the cave beneath it.[1]

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Flanked by some collapsed houses on the south, the sinkhole slopes down to the deathclaw's den, next to the artificial stream created by a severed storm drainage pipe. The stream drops further down the sinkhole into a cave.

The cave has a small camp with a cooking station to the south, surrounded by water. A tunnel further south leads up to a crumbled basement wall of a house to the south of the sinkhole. The one exit from the house is chained on the inside, so the only means of entry to the cave is via the stream.


  • Although grandpa Salvodi's remains can be found before the quest 'Fallen Hero has been started, his hat will not be present.
  • It is possible to gain access to the house without going through the sinkhole or using a jetpack. Go to the back of the house and move the camera around the open window. Once the cursor is over the red couch the option to sit on it will appear. Doing so will bypass the sinkhole path and the chained door.
  • The corpses of the three dead raiders in the sinkhole all share identical character models and faces.

Notable loot


The Old Gullet Sinkhole appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.281: "[2.14] OLD GULLET SINKHOLE
    The latest topographical radar indicates recent seismic activity in this area. Beware the Deathclaw on the surface, guarding a trunk near an overturned car. Drop into the sinkhole to uncover some answers regarding the quest, which must be active for the discovery to be made. Don’t forget the reading materials on the cooking station! Exit via the cellar of the local residence with the red chained door, watching for feral folks on the way out. There’s a safe to hack too (Novice)."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)