Ofie clan plot

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Ofie clan plot
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerOfie Clan Plot
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The Ofie clan plot is a small graveyard inhabited by several feral ghouls in Point Lookout.


There's no real information on this location, but what can be inferred from the name is that this is the Ofie family's plot of land for burials.


Ofie is a small graveyard on top of a small hill with a short metal gate around it. In the middle, there is a grave that's been dug up with a teddy bear and a shovel in it. This place is probably meant to be a stereotypical haunted graveyard. It contains ghouls, which look like and are referred to as zombies.


  • It also has a relatively high concentration of wild punga fruit, numbering 6 plants in its vicinity.
  • In the open coffin, there is a small skeleton along with a teddy bear, toy cars, and a medical brace, suggesting this was a child with a medical condition.
  • Two boxes of Salisbury Steak can be found inside the coffin, which is pretty strange considering the one laying in the coffin wouldn't normally use those.


Ofie Clan Plot appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.