Oberland Station

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Oberland Station
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Map MarkerOberland Station
FactionsCommonwealth Minutemen (optionally)
Cell NameOberlandStation
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Oberland Station is a location in the Commonwealth.


A couple of settlers have holed up in the watchtower next to the train tracks and eke out a meager existence with their tato garden.

Settlement information

The settlement area is rather cramped, only extending a small radius out from the tower and garden. Still, the grounds have adequate room for crops and water wells. Other than stray trees for wood, there are barely any other scrap materials to help expand the settlement. The region where this settlement lies is not particularly dangerous, but it still helps that the settlement is only really vulnerable from three directions due to the Charles River to the west.


Along the east side of the train tracks rests this small settlement, consisting of a shack and garden. The shack holds a small square room with a couple of beds, and the small tato garden holds the workshop and a cooking station.


Oberland Station appears only in Fallout 4.