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O. Olivette
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 81
Mentioned inFallout 4

O. Olivette was the first Overseer of Vault 81 and the person responsible for destroying its experiment - and saving the inhabitants.


In practice, the experiment was derailed the moment Vault-Tec accepted the candidacy of Dr Olivette as Overseer. With a moral backbone and a strong sense of right and wrong, Olivette was aware that the program may include human trials and swore that should they breach ethics, he'd blow the whistle.[1] He participated in drills just like everybody else, shocked to realize that half the science teams were medical students, cramming for finals. The pay certainly kept them happy and ensured compliance in the experiment, should it take place.[2] But the perspective of being rich did not obscure the reality of the experiment to Olivette. When presented with the program of clinical trials as part of his Overseer briefing, he realized that he can't blow the whistle - Vault-Tec was embedded in the military-industrial complex too deep. Coupled with the good people slated for inclusion in Vault 81, he felt trapped.[3]

Olivette did what they could to destroy the experiment: They cleared the phone list for the science staff, ensuring that none of them would be notified about future drills. When the October 23, 2077 drill began, the beta alert was soon upgraded to alpha and the Great War came. Due to the Overseer's sabotage, none of the science staff received a notification about the drill.[4] Despite his efforts, three researchers showed up: Kenneth Collins and Jim Flint reached the Vault from the Fens with the general population, while the overachiever M. Burrow was already on site. They reported to the research area and were sealed inside. This meant that the danger to the residential population still existed.[5]

Although there were only three of them, ensuring that the generations-long research plan would die out, they had state of the art equipment, centuries' worth of supplies, and the Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, meaning that with even their limited manpower, they could still be a threat until they died.[6]

To compensate for their limited manpower, Collins upgraded and modified Curie, from a customized Mr Handy, into a fully fledged lab assistant.[7] He provided her with a custom personality, loading the databanks with every great body of work he had to make her more life-like, more... Human. And so, CVRIE became Curie.[8] With her help, the work picked up the pace and quite soon, the Phase I trials began. When notified of it, Olivette was mortified and played for time,[9] while maintaining an aura of camaraderie, taking care to not reveal his intentions. While the mood among the three researchers remained stable thanks to Collins and Curie, they still had access to the nozzles and could release the pathogens for a Stage III trial - or worse. When a minor mishap with the mole rat population was resolved and stage II was progressing rapidly, Olivette made the decision.[10][11]

The Overseer sabotaged the delivery nozzles inside every residential quarter and room on his side of the Vault. Then, when the researchers began to notice, they disconnected the only terminal that could communicate with the science team and dumped it in the reactor chamber, near the sealed backup entrance into the science section. Sealed in the research wing, the scientists grimly continued their work, never to see the light of day again. [12]


O. Olivette is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


  1. Vault 81 terminals: "I can't believe it. Vault-Tec must have really been desperate for an Overseer candidate after Duncan fell ill. I'm certainly qualified for this job, but with my politics, how could they think I'm a good candidate for this kind of program?
    Maybe there's more to this than I'm seeing. They still haven't given me a full briefing on the work we'll be doing here, but I'm not stupid. I'm pretty sure it's going to involve human trials.
    I won't jump to any conclusions, though. Let's see how this plays out. If they're crossing any ethical lines with me they'll be in a Congressional hearing before they know what's hit them."
  2. Vault 81 terminals: "These researchers are willing to put up with a lot. Today is our fifth drill of the week, and this time I had to make the calls in the middle of the night. Half of these "scientists" are just kids - between cramming for finals and sleeping off Friday hangovers I'm shocked as many of them staggered in as did.
    I guess the pay is worth it. I know I wasn't earning that kind of money as a grad student. "
  3. Vault 81 terminals: "It's much worse than I thought. I was finally given my full briefing today. Not only is Vault-Tec asking us to do clinical trials on humans; they've got some serious backers in government. I can't just blow the whistle on this.
    I've seen the admission roster. There are good people planning to live in Vault 81, and I've little doubt the Vaults will come into use eventually. I won't reward the trust of these people by treating them like guinea pigs.
    I feel trapped. I don't know what to do."
  4. Vault 81 terminals: "It's done. I got the call early this morning - another beta drill. It's always Rosario who has to call. Her voice was trembling, and she couldn't get off the phone soon enough. She knew. Sure enough, the warning was upgraded within a few hours, and the news was reporting confirmed launches soon after that.
    I made a decision. I deliberately sabotaged the phone list. Such a simple thing, but it meant that none of the science staff received a notification about the drill. The residents are beginning to show up, and we'll have our hands busy admitting everyone."
  5. Vault 81 terminals: "I'm no criminal mastermind. Clearing the phone list prevented most of the science staff from showing up, but three still made it in. Flint and Collins are both my age, and live in the Fens. They had time to get here with the general population. Burrow is just an overachiever, and came by in the morning just to see if there would be a drill today. Figures.
    They've reported to the research area. The Vault protocols engaged automatically and sealed them in. They're already busy with their work, especially since there are only three of them."
  6. Vault 81 terminals: "From: Vault-Tec Board of Directors
    To: Chief Scientist, Vault 81, Medical Lab Partition
    We are entrusting you with a mission that is critical to all humanity. Vault 81 will be used to wipe out disease as we know it in the human race.
    Your partition of the vault has been equipped with state of the art medical research equipment, including the new Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, aka Curie. There is a centuries worth of biological and chemical supplies. There are the genetically adapted morerats. And most important, a vault full of test subjects.
    As with all great progress, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. You will be infecting the people of the vault with diseases in an attempt to have them develop antibodies. Some may not survive, but you must ensure that a breeding population is always maintained. It will take many generations, but with proper procedures you should be able to develop a disease resistant group of humans.
    Your work will be the work of generations. Each generation of scientists must select a chief scientist. Curie will make sure that each reads this mission statement to keep the vault focused over the centuries. We wish you the best of luck."
  7. Vault 81 terminals: "We're hamstrung with only three researchers. Decided to make a few modifications to this Mr. Handy robot. Should be really useful for speeding up some of our labwork.
    I've been pretty anxious since admittance day. As if the world ending wasn't enough, I'm very concerned about Olivette's motives. Dusting off some of my old robotics chops has been just the distraction I've needed."
  8. Vault 81 terminals: "I've decided to write a suite of custom personality settings for the robot. She's a little bit of Liza (I really hope she got into her Vault down in DC.) and a little bit my grad school fling from Versailles back in '46.
    I'm loading her databanks with every great body of work I have access to here. Kant, Einstein, Born, Darwin, Curie, Faraday, Turing, Braun. She'll have so much to learn.
    It's already made her feel so much more like a peer in the lab, as opposed to an appliance. I'm calling her "Curie". I know, I know. I was never a subtle man."
  9. Vault 81 terminals: "<K.Collins> We've been pretty limited down here, but we've been focused on antibiotics and have our first petri trials underway.
    <O.Olivette> I saw the data last night. It's promising, but do you think it's ready?
    <K.Collins> The trials just started, and the virus we're going after has a few days of inoculation. But I'm optimistic that later this week we'll see positive results.
    <O.Olivette> Okay. Keep me posted, and don't begin Phase II trials until I have an opportunity to go through the new data.
    <K.Collins> Of course. Have a good afternoon, Overseer."
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    Not sure what to do. They've got access to the delivery nozzles. If they choose to, they'll be able to infect the population with whatever they want. Need to keep them calm."
  12. Vault 81 terminals: "I've made a grim choice. I sabotaged the delivery nozzles in all the resident quarters as soon as I was able. I didn't expect Burrow to notice so soon. Hell, I didn't expect Collins to get so close to a Phase III trial so quickly. I didn't expect half of what's happened in the past few months.
    Cutting off communication is a cowardly thing to do, but what options do I have? They'll have food and water in there as long as they need. I just can't let them go through with human trials for God-knows-what Vault-Tec plans to do with their research.
    I only hope that somehow they can forgive me, and live out their years in peace over there."