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F76 Nukashine.png
Decreases Sprint AP cost and Increases AP Regen by 50%. May cause blackouts. Ages into Vintage Nukashine.
Normal drink
Reduces thirst by 15%
Extreme radiation
Increases rads by 30
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Nukashine is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


A high-proof distilled spirit mixed with Nuka-Cola Quantum and nuclear waste (yes, really), Nukashine was created by Lewis of the Eta Psi fraternity of the Vault-Tec University in November of 2076.[1] The creation was supposed to provide a source of funds for feeding his Nuka-Cola collector's addiction, but wound up catapulting the fraternity to university-wide fame and led Judy Lowell, the chapter president, to set up a speakeasy in the back of Big Al's Tattoo Parlor bearing the same name. The spirit itself is incredibly powerful, causes blackouts, severe hangovers, and is potentially lethal, as the fellow Pi Mu fraternity found out during their "eviction party".[2]


The signature drink of the first part of Wild Appalachia, Nukashine is as powerful as it is dangerous. The Wasted on Nukashine quest centers on distiling a batch of Nukashine to give to Biv.

As a consumable, Nukashine decreases Sprint AP cost and increases AP Regen by 50%, while users run a risk of blackouts and waking up in the middle of nowhere. This makes it incredibly useful for covering large tracts of land and using VATS. Ages into Vintage Nukashine, an even more powerful variant.



  • Despite Nukashine being made pre-war, the list of ingredients calls for Razorgrain, a mutated form of wheat. Strangely, the ingredients list also calls for Nuka-Cola Quantum, which wouldn't be released until 2077, a year later from when Nukashine would be created.


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