Nuka-World power plant

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Nuka-World power plant
Map MarkerNuka-World Power Plant
Part ofNuka-World
FactionsNuka-Cola Corporation (defunct)
Rebel raider gang:
The Pack
QuestsPower Play
Cell NameNukaWorldPowerPlantCheckpointExt
DLC04NukaWorldPowerPlant01 (interior)
DLC04POISC01 (southeast)
ref idxx00341b (checkpoint)
xx0034de (exterior)
xx008b57 (interior)
xx00349e (southeast)
TerminalsNuka-World Power: Employee Terminal
Nuka-World Power: Oversight Terminal

The Nuka-World power plant is a location on the outskirts of Nuka-World.


With a business the size of Nuka-World, relying on imported power is a sketchy proposal, at best. This is why Bradberton decided to build an entire nuclear power plant with several fusion reactors on site in order to meet all of the park's power needs and then some.[1] Utilizing the latest developments in energy technology, the power plant at Nuka-World is a marvel, but it is currently offline, leaving Nuka-World in the dark.

Before the War, however, the plant would have been better off being offline, in no small part to being understaffed and neglected in favor of corporate profits.[2] The plant was last upgraded in 2069,[3] before the Galactic Zone park was even constructed. The Galactic Zone required the most energy of any of the parks in Nuka-World, and the addition put immense strain on the plant.

On April 28, 2077, the plant melted down. There was a blockage in the secondary pump system and the pilot-operated relief valve became stuck in the open position, resulting in an undisclosed amount of radioactive coolant leaking into the river that meandered through the park. The incident was swept under the rug by the Nuka-Cola Corporation to avoid a public relations fiasco and not delay the opening of that park that year, downgrading it from the original Class 1 failure to a routine Class 7 failure.[4][5][6] The park opened as normal, and the meltdown still did not convince the corporation to upgrade the plant. System failures were routine in the months leading up to the Great War;[7] the last failure resulted from an after hours test for the park's Halloween Spooktacular that tripped the main breakers.[8]

The plant remained offline for 210 years after the War killed off the regular tourist season. A different kind of tourist began to inhabit the park, and most recently are the raiders of Nuka-World. After the Sole Survivor replaced Colter as the Overboss, they began to divvy up the park zones and spread out into the Commonwealth. However, one of the gangs was impatient and felt the Overboss was giving preference to the other two; in response, they swept into the power plant and took it over for themselves.[9]


The power plant is a hideous maze of ducts, pipes, and narrow corridors, generously filled with hungry, aggressive ghouls. The layout isn't particularly complicated, but the hallways do tend to wind around as much as possible. After zigzagging through the walkway, one goes down some stairs to the lower floors. In the east end of the room, there is a Nuka-Mixer station, and a catwalk ascends to a break room; the door to the west connects to a catwalk leading to an office, while the doorway north leads down to a control room.

From here, the Advanced-locked door on the left and the hall on the right lead into the same room. This room below has another Nuka-Mixer station, and a door to the south that requires hacking an Advanced-locked terminal to open. Inside is a complete set of X-01 power armor, a power armor station, a weapons workbench and an armor workbench. Then, after backtracking, the doorway to the west leads into a room full of generators; a catwalk leads through a work space before it transitions into a concrete stairwell.

There is a Novice-locked storage room straight ahead, but continuing up the stairs leads to another catwalk, which in turn leads to the manager's office, which contains an Expert-locked safe. A nearby room also has a ladder that leads up to the roof, which has a steamer trunk immediately in front of the hatch. More catwalks lead to the final work station that turns on the power to Nuka-World, but it is locked until Power Play.

Power Play

During Power Play, the plant is seized by a traitorous gang. To eliminate them, you need to eliminate their leader, who is on the roof. The roof is accessed from the employee break room above the entrance. Just walk up the walkway. The control room, also on the roof, is only accessible after finishing this quest and killing the traitorous leader who has the key. Once the switch is thrown, power is restored to the park allowing access to all of its rides and attractions.

Notable loot


  • Inside the plant, there are two teddy bears: one working on a machine with a ball peen hammer and the other holding a Nuka-Cola; both are wearing hard hats and sitting next to a radio.
  • There is another teddy bear inside the pipe on the roof. It's sitting atop a wooden crate holding a baseball bat and a Nuka-Cola. Behind it is a cooler, in front a skeleton handcuffed to the crate, it's wearing a newsboy cap and there is blood spatter and baseballs around it.


The Nuka-World power plant appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.