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Nuka-World Transit Center
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Map MarkerNuka-World Transit Center
QuestsAll Aboard
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TerminalsNuka-Express Control Terminal

The Nuka-World Transit Center is a seemingly abandoned Metro hub just off the highway west of the Greater Boston Area.


This ancient station rests just off the highway leaving the Greater Boston area, providing a convenient stop for all who wanted to visit Nuka-World, both employees and vacationers.[1] This was the simple solution by the Nuka-Cola Corporation to reduce congestion in the parking lots of their overcrowded park.[2] Instead of giddy vacationers however, it is currently occupied by a squad of Gunners armed for bear, trying to track down the origin of the Nuka-World radio station.

The raiders of Nuka-World set the place up as a trap for tourists to kill in the Gauntlet.[3]



The main part of the transit center is composed of two connected, if crumbling, parking complexes and the entrance to the station proper in the southwest. Kaylor and her team are in the courtyard, supported by two marksmen on top of the lots, along with an Assaultron. An elevator in the norther structure leads up to the sniper nests, and there is a steamer trunk on the roof of the southern structure.


The enclosed station is rather small, and Harvey is lying back on a pile of rubble, bemoaning the fate of himself and his family. The tracks and train to Nuka-World can be activated with the terminal on the station counter to the west. To the east, behind a Novice-locked door, is a small workshop area; an Advanced-locked safe lies in the nearby rubble, amid nuclear waste barrels which deliver a maximum of 25 rads per second.

Notable loot

  • Fusion core, on the garage tester at the end of the track.



The Nuka-World Transit Center appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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  2. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "The Nuka-World Transit Center was constructed to shuttle visitors to Nuka-World by train rather than having to fight for a parking space at their overcrowded parks."
  3. Intercom: "Well, well, that wasn't very nice! Killing an innocent man? You're one ruthless son-of-a-bitch, aren't you? Tell you what. Old Harv's got a password on him. Take it, and use it to unlock the control terminal and power up the Nuka-Express. The monorail will take you to Nuka-World. If caps and killing are your thing, I got the offer of a lifetime for you. But.... only if you think you can handle it."
    (Porter Gage's dialogue) Note: These lines are spoken over the intercom if Harvey is executed in the transit center.