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DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
PublisherBethesda Softworks
Release date
Xbox OneAugust 30, 2016
PCAugust 30, 2016
PlayStation 4August 30, 2016
Xbox OneXbox LIVE
PlayStation 4PSN

Take a trip to Nuka-World, a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone. Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures, and more. Enjoy the ride!

— Official description

Nuka-World is the sixth, and final, add-on for Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.


Release and availability

Nuka-World was released on August 30, 2016 for all platforms.


The final Fallout 4 add-on takes one to the Nuka-Cola Corporation's ruined theme park: Nuka-World. Gangs of raiders have taken over sections of the park, but also wish to expand further into the Commonwealth. After surviving the Gauntlet meant to kill them and entertain the raiders, the Sole Survivor becomes the new overboss of Nuka-World. From here, they may choose to sabotage the gangs so the power structure topples on itself, restoring Nuka-World as the trade hub it used to be, or run with the gangs, leading them into the Commonwealth and taking over settlements where lawlessness rules supreme.







Weapon mods

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Image Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type
  Raiding for a Living Complete 12 quests for any Nuka-World raider gang  
  Diebrarian Collect every issue of SCAV! magazine  
  Beverageer Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola  
  Hostile Takeover Establish eight raider camps in the Commonwealth  
  All Sugared Up Defeat 40 Nuka-World creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor  
  Eyes on the Prize Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade.  
  Taken for a Ride Complete Taken for a Ride  
  The Grand Tour Complete The Grand Tour  
  Home Sweet Home Complete Home Sweet Home  
  Power Play Complete Power Play  


Behind the scenes

Key art

First art direction image for Fallout 4: Nuka-World. Needed to quickly convey the main themes and ideas to the team before any concept work was done. "Raiders & Rides" in a heavily branded Nuka Cola environment surrounded by wasted landscape. I also wanted to establish the main color palette knowing it would include plenty of the established Nuka Cola red.

DLCs are a riff off of the game so it seemed like a good base for communication to start with a riff off of my favorite key art for the game. I removed the player to show the DLC was allowing the player to reinvent themselves. To save time and match the rendered quality of the original key art I sourced most of my textures from in engine. For the park I set up a quick model in 3dsMax.

Special thanks John Gravato who painted the Nuka Rocket and Nuka Girl paintings used and supported the art direction throughout the DLC.

Mark Teare


Official Nuka-World trailer