Nuka-Nuke launcher

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For an overview of the M42 "Fat Man" Launcher throughout the Fallout series, see Fat Man.
Nuka-Nuke launcher
FO4NW Nuka Nuke Launcher.png
TypeHeavy weapon
Damage TypeExplosive
Ammo TypeNuka-Nuke
Ammo Cap.1
Attack Rate1
Weapon Modification
Weapon VersionsFat Man
Big Boy
The Striker

The Nuka-Nuke launcher is a unique weapon in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


As part of Project Cobalt, General Braxton of the Army Research Laboratory's Weapon and Material division was promised John-Caleb Bradberton's weapon designs based on quantum mechanics research; in exchange Braxton would provide Bradberton the opportunity to take part in an experimental procedure that would extend his life indefinitely. The same project that created the strontium-90 isotope for use in the Nuka-Cola Quantum could also be used to manufacture high-yield mini-nuke. The Q4N7-UM 0.245 isotope, combined with a thermogenetic trigger achieved by manipulation of electron sub-field, could be loaded into prepared mini-nukes, then launched as normal. The mix would stay in liquid form after trigger, exploding on impact without the need for a fuze. The radioactive thermogenesis is almost one hundred percent efficient, resulting in no radioactive fallout and generating a pleasant blue glow.[1]

Meacham compared it to nitroglycerin, but far more powerful and stable, staying liquid at temperatures up to 127 degrees centigrade and requiring no special equipment to handle, due to no toxic vapors. Prototypical munitions were prepared in the Beverageers' laboratory beneath the bottling plant to present to General Braxton. The Great War intervened, leaving the prototypes and a compatible launcher sealed beneath the bottling plant in Nuka-World.[2]


The Nuka-Nuke launcher is a stronger variant of the M42 Fat Man that utilizes Nuka-Nukes instead of the standard mini nuke. As such, these shells explode into a blue mushroom cloud and inflict extremely high amounts of damage. However, unlike mini nukes, there is no lingering radiation after the shell detonates. The weapon is complete overkill for anything out in the wastes, and it is just as well, considering that ammunition is extremely limited.


The unique mod is removed and stored in inventory
Slot Damage Fire Rate Weight Value Resources Required Perks
Standard Base +2.5% +2.5% 4x Adhesive
6x Aluminum
6x Gear
4x Nuclear Material
5x Screw
6x Spring
9x Steel
MIRV Launcher Multiple projectiles dealing 450 damage in a 3.43 m (11.24 ft) radius (9.28 m (30.45 ft) total)


+25% AP cost +20% +30% 9x Adhesive
11x Aluminum
5x Circuitry
8x Gear
6x Nuclear Material
8x Screw
7x Spring
Gun Nut 4
Science! 4


  • The Nuka-Nuke launcher, in addition to three Nuka-Nukes are found in the underground vault beneath Bradberton's office, in the room beside Bradberton's setup.