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Map MarkerNuka-Galaxy
QuestsStar Control
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Nuka-Galaxy is a location in the Galactic Zone park of Nuka-World.


One of the more interesting exhibits in Nuka-World, the Galaxy is a Nuka themed sci-fi ride, where visitors take on the role of brave cadets fighting to defend the colony of Cola V from enemy attacks, led by ace pilot Nuka Girl.


The ride is fairly twisting and winding, but straightforward. The entrance area leads to the long, long queue corridors. Thankfully, the player can skip them and if robots are already deactivated, it's a leisurely stroll through a safe, comfortable environment. Head to the launch bays through the corridors. Activate the track lighting in the control pod, to make it easier to navigate.

The ride is divided into different rooms. The first one is straightforward and can be crossed through the tracks or down the service tunnel at the bottom (mind the scary aliens). The second is a little more complex (head down the tracks if you want to get through it fast), but the easiest way is to get to the bottom and pass through the service tunnel. Down the stairs (jumping down is foolish and you'll have to backtrack if you do, even in power armor) and into the elevator. Don't miss the Master safe to the right, among the crates. Head left to the planetscape set.

After passing through the set, enter the storage hallways. Before going up the stairs, take a detour to the right to find a dead trader and some loot, including the rare Nuka-Cola Dark. Up the stairs and you enter the next stage of the ride. To the right is a computer stand with another star core. Move through the area, your goal is to head to the highest possible point in the room and through the door. Through that door lies the landing bay. Continuing north brings one to the control room which contains a steamer chest.

Notable loot

  • 7 star cores:
    • 1 is outside in the control room near the launch bays (next to the entry tunnel, behind the chain link fance).
    • 1 in the room beside the service tunnel at the bottom of the second room.
    • 1 in the planetscape set (directly opposite the entrance).
    • 1 in the next set, to the left of the entrance, up a short flight of stairs.
    • 1 in the landing bay at the end, at the control panel.
    • 2 in the control room, accessed through employees only doors in the launch and landing bay (use the employee key to enter).
  • The Nuka-Girl rocketsuit is on the animatronic, in the landing bay.
  • The Nuka-Galaxy Medallion is near the exit ramp, beyond the landing bay.
  • The Nuka-Galaxy employee key is on the control panel in the landing bay.
  • Emerson's holotape is just outside Nuka-Galaxy, next to a dead trader propped up against a stall.


Nuka-Galaxy appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.