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Nuka-Cola bottling plant
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Map MarkerNuka-Cola Bottling Plant
Part ofWorld of Refreshment
FactionsNuka-Cola Corporation (defunct)
QuestsA World of Refreshment
Cell NameBottlingPlantExt
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TerminalsNuka-Cola bottling plant terminals

The Nuka-Cola bottling plant is a location in within the World of Refreshment in Nuka-World.


This industrial facility has been converted by the Nuka-Cola Corporation to serve as an attraction on top of its normal duties. The standard bottling facilities were augmented with a water ride, dumping hundreds of gallons of processed Nuka-Cola to form a regular river. In October 2077, the river was dyed a fluorescent blue to make it appear to be Nuka-Cola Quantum and promote the newest, hottest beverage in the Nuka-Cola catalog.[1] Of course, as time went on after the nuclear war depopulated the bottling plant, the machinery started to deteriorate and the actual Nuka-Cola Quantum leeched into the groundwater, contaminating the ground and exposing the local mirelurk population to the wonders of Nuka-Cola. Over the generations, they grew faster, tougher, and deadlier than their competitors.

This is why, when Sergeant Lanier's team entered the plant on a recon mission for the Gunners, they found themselves badly outmatched. The Nukalurks knew how to use their natural defenses to their advantage and the attempt to set up a camp in Nuka-World failed, as the hordes of Nukalurks gradually wore down the Gunners through attrition. They made a heroic last stand by the Quantum bottler, wiped out by the lurks. Even their support, in the form of pre-War RobCo Assaultrons, didn't help.

Underneath the bottling factory, however, a secret laboratory originally used by the Nuka-Cola Beverageers to develop new variants of Nuka-Cola lies sealed off until the power is returned to Nuka-World. After Bradberton joined forces with the United States military, it was converted into a weapons development plant, powered by an individual reactor. Here, the Beverageers turned their chemical expertise to creating new weapons of war for use by the military. The team was headed by Rex Meacham and included Kate Leavitt, Kevin Bennell, and Edmund Medford.


World of Refreshment

For in depth information on the World of Refreshment tour and ride, see the respective article. The bottling plant is right next to the ride and can be entered either through the maintenance tunnels or by entering the aforementioned backstage exit at the end of the ride. The offices lie above the plant proper, and the bottling plant is shaped roughly like an T: a Quantum bottler, a Nuka-Mixer station and the remains of Sgt. Lanier are at one end, the loading bay at another, and the conveyor belts run down the middle, with a large bounty of Nuka-Colas, both common and rare.

Secure Beverageer Lab

The laboratory is a straightforward area, with a central corridor joining the living quarters to the weapons lab itself; the living quarts consists of four bedrooms and a kitchen, while the weapons lab is divided into three rooms: a research area, a testing area, and a chemical processing room (which contains a chemistry station and two Nuka-Mixer stations). A separate corridor runs from the lab to the reactor, with a maximum radiation dose of 73 rads per second. The reactor outflow pipe leads to the employee tunnels, where a Novice-locked terminal will uncover the door further into the tunnels.

Notable loot

Bottling plant
Roof and exterior
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The Nuka-Cola bottling plant appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


  1. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "Just before Nuka-Cola Quantum was released, the World of Refreshment's water was tinted a glowing blue color to simulate the look of the beverage for promotional purposes."