Nuka-Cola Quantum (Fallout Shelter)

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This page is about Resource that appear in Fallout Shelter. For an overview of Nuka-Cola Quantum throughout the Fallout series, see Nuka-Cola Quantum.
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Speed things up with Nuka-Cola Quantum.

— In-game banner

Nuka-Cola Quantum is a resource in Fallout Shelter.


A considerably more rare currency than caps, Nuka-Cola Quantum is typically used to rush processes that would normally take longer periods of time.

Earning Nuka-Cola Quantum

Nuka-Cola Quantum can be acquired from a variety of sources.

  • Can be found as a loot item in containers.

Nuka-Cola Quantum is available in packs as an in-app purchase.

Name Image Quantity Price Per unit
Six Pack FOSQuantumPack.png 6 $0.99 $0.17
Case 32 $4.99 $0.16
Cooler FOSQuantum.png 70 $9.99 $0.14
Fridge 150 $19.99 $0.13
Crate 400 $49.99 $0.12
Truck 1000 $99.99 $0.10

Spending Nuka-Cola Quantum

  • Dwellers can be automatically returned or sent to their destinations.
  • Dwellers can be trained faster.