Nuclear material

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Nuclear Material
Component Nuclear 20151204 21-16-53.png
Component ofPlasma grenade
Plasma mine
Pulse grenade
Pulse mine
Editor IDc_NuclearMaterial_scrap
Base ID00069086

Nuclear material is a crafting material in Fallout 4.


Nuclear material is a catch-all term for radioactive metals, like uranium, plutonium and thorium. This material is used primarily for radiation traps in settlements, but is also used for modifying power armor as well as adding optics when modifying weapons.


  • For junk items that contain nuclear material, see items with nuclear material.
  • Nuclear material is typically found on the corpses super mutant suiciders after they have detonated, as well as enemies that have been "gooified" by a plasma weapon.
  • Nuclear material also found on the corpses of any creature that had the "glowing" subtype.