Novice of Mysteries

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Novice of Mysteries
Quest data
LocationRiverside Manor
Editor IDMoM02
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Related quests
Initiate of Mysteries
leads to:
Seeker of Mysteries
Chasing Shadows
Forging a Legend
Prototypical Problems

Novice of Mysteries is a quest in Fallout 76.


As the Novice of the extinct Order of Mysteries, the Vault 76 dweller needs to prove that they are capable of achieving the deepest mysteries and masteries of the Order: Which means hunting down precious tools across Appalachia.


  • The quest starts with listening to the Order of Mysteries - Rank: Novice holotape and learning that in order to reach the next rank, the player needs to gather three items and demonstrate mastery of the tools of the Mistress of Mystery. It's essentially a framing quest that requires completing three quests: Chasing Shadows, Forging a Legend, and Prototypical Problems, after which the player will be able to claim the title of Seeker from Cryptos.