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“The Most Morose Man In Minefield”
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 101
RolePlayer character
LocationCapital Wasteland
Base IDNoneRef IDNone

Shooting ain't for me. Luring the terminally stupid into my minefields. That's my life's work. I have no life.

Nostrildamus is a player character in Fallout 3.




Nostrildamus appears as a Fallout 3 "Meet the Wanderers", as an archetype in the First Edition of the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Collectors Edition.


  1. First Edition Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.492: "My dad always used o tell me 'son, you'll have a nose for adventuring some day!' and we'd laugh, and then I'd whimper a bit. I didn't mind the gigantic schnozzle at first, but when Paul Hannon told me he'd rather play with Andy than me, that began what my friends called 'the downward spiral of depression.' my friends would say 'Nos, don't worry, everyone likes you!,' and I'd say 'shut up friends, my dad says you don't exist!' My dad was right. I grew up into a morose and fearful young man. I was terrified of direct confrontation and communication. I seem to remember it starting after a childhood accident at a birthday party. Beatrice thought I'd messed up the cake to get attention. She knows better now, doesn't she?"
    "19 wasn't a good year for me. I was stressed and prematurely balding, and my father had abandoned me. The world was full of waste and desolation. This was only the latest in a long line of disappointments. I was terrified of this new world. Direct conflict made me sick, and I hid from enemies whenever I could. But when I found a Hunting Rifle in an old shack, I learned that guns ended these conflicts quite quickly, and often from far, far away. I started searching for ways to keep those stupid Mutants at bay. No one was going to touch me again! I began collecting Mines after I out-shot some old coot called Arkansas and made his village my new home."
    "I'd sneak up to a bunch of Raiders, and lay my 'circle of death' without them knowing. I shouldn't be revealing my secrets, but I placed a Mine in their escape path, lightly decorating it with a circle of Grenades, then backed off. A few rifle shots later, and those suckers were torn apart like that Megaton bomb blast. No one knows how that happened, right Moira? Just glad you made it out alive. Anyway, no matter how powerful I felt, people still found me 'depressing' to be around. So I bought friends. When I met Clover, it was love at first purchase, and I retired to my home in Tenpenny Tower. But when Clover passed away from that malfunctioning Slave Collar, I couldn't take it."
    "I'm a hermit, Moira. I pass the nights contemplating suicide, and the days trying to assassinate God."