Northwood Quarry notes

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Northwood Quarry notes
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Northwood Quarry notes are two paper notes in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  • Note 1 is on a desk in the building southwest of the main shack.
  • Note 2 on a metal end-table in the shack overlooking the quarry.


Northwood Quarry Note - 1


I've been tasked to set up explosive charges scattered throughout the quarry to repel another attack. The plan is to set up at least three series of explosions (I think I can do more). I'll hook everything up to a button in the main shack's balcony overlooking the center of the quarry. If we're ever attacked, I just need to hit the button and watch the fireworks.

Northwood Quarry Note - 2


Been working for days setting up the explosives in the quarry. Everything went fine except when Tom accidentally blew himself up. Tom...
Simply press the button to set off a series of explosions. I ended up hooking up a total of six. That should keep us safe enough to repel another attack.