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The Northern Commonwealth
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Northern Commonwealth was one of the 13 commonwealths comprising an intermediate level of governance in the United States of America, comprising Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. It bordered Canada in the north, the Northwest to the west, Four States to the south, Plains to the southeast, and Great Midwest Commonwealth in the east.



Territories of Wyoming have been penetrated by Followers of the Apocalypse by the late 23rd century. Should the Great Khans be convinced to abandon the Mojave during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, can become the crucible for a future Khan Empire built in the Northwest, bolstered by ancient knowledge of governance, economics, and transportation obtained from the local Followers.[1]

The plains can also host another tribe, the White Legs. If they are broken by Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, they flee into the wilderness of Wyoming, where half their tribe dies in the first winter, with the remnants scattered to the winds the following spring.[2]


Montana is home to various human communities[3] with a thriving coal mining industry.[4]

The Brotherhood of Steel has a bunker in the region as well, simply called the Montana Bunker.[5]

Notable characters

  • Lonesome Drifter: Born and raised in Montana.
    • The player can establish that their Courier visited Montana around 2264 in conversation with the Drifter and may have sired a child, if the player character is male and has the Lady Killer perk.


The Northern Commonwealth does not appear in any Fallout games to date, but its constituent states are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and Honest Hearts.


  1. Fallout: New Vegas endings: "During the Battle of Hoover Dam, the Great Khans quickly evacuated Red Rock Canyon and headed north and east into the plains of Wyoming. There, they reconnected with the Followers of the Apocalypse and rebuilt their strength. Bolstered by ancient knowledge of governance, economics, and transportation, they carved a mighty empire out of the ruins of the Northwest."
  2. Honest Hearts endings: "Joshua Graham's chilling execution of Salt-Upon-Wounds seared into their minds, the surviving White Legs retreated to the Great Salt Lake. Unable to shake the memory of their brutal defeat and the Dead Horses' savagery in battle, the White Legs feared further reprisals. They fled north, out of Utah, into Wyoming. The wilderness was harsh, and the first winter claimed over half the tribe. When spring came, the survivors parted ways in small bands. And so the White Legs died a quiet, ignominious death."
  3. The Courier: "Nevertheless, I'm interested."
    The Lonesome Drifter: "Well, I was born in a little town out Montana way. Me and Ma didn't have much, ever since my pa up and left."
    (The Lonesome Drifter's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "It must have been hard growing up without a father."
    The Lonesome Drifter: "It sure wasn't easy. Ma worked her fingers to the bone to make sure we had enough to survive, and I worked the coal mines from when I was fifteen."
    (The Lonesome Drifter's dialogue)
  5. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Owyn Lyons: "Brothers, as we take our meal this day, let us reflect upon the words of Elder Patrocolus of the Montana Bunker. "It is in service of Steel and guardianship of one's Brothers that each man finds his purpose. My friends, stand with your Brothers. Guard them... them. And in each of them find purpose. Look around this table, my Brothers. Look into the eyes of each man and woman seated here today. Pledge in your hearts and minds, pledge by your guns that you will stand with them in battle until the end. Trust each of them with your life." And earn the trust of each in turn. Eat well, my friends."
    (Owyn Lyons' dialogue) Note: CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1 Not available due to bugsRadroach.png